How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners

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Investing in the stock market has been the best way to build a portfolio and make an extra income in order to improve your financial situation. However, you need to know what you are doing so educate yourself first.

Start by reading the excellent blog post on How To Buy Stocks For Beginners

Raider Sing says:

Where should I buy stock ?? I am not from America so should I come to New York stock exchange help pliz

ssjpacman says:

You don’t have to pay to trade with Robinhood

Benjamin Lopez says:

really well explained thanks

The Futurist Geek says:

dude ! This vid helped me out know about stocks !! thanks. Congo !! You Won another subscriber !!!!

Imagined Self says:


Come On Plank! says:


Prince Evuarherhe says:

I live in dublin ireland.Can i buy stocks online from America.

Jeremy Newell says:

Damn I’m thinkin like 100 bucks maybe n he’s talkin bout 500 here 500 there lmfao

James And Yvonne says:

All, I have been successfully trading for many years. I started making videos to show chart pattern trading without listening to rumors. Come see my channel and join the million dollar journey.

Prince Evuarherhe says:

Books to read too

Rod Maiquez says:

That handwriting tho… :/

Michael Sanchez says:

I think what you were trying to say at 15:05, is that you want to decrease your overhead (so to speak), so that you can either break even, or increase profit.

And its funny how you say NOT to invest in “tech”, however, 2 out of 3 or your major gains were Apple and tech systems. Care to explain?? Haha.

JSTOW Gaming says:

Check out the robinhood app, everything is free and no BS. Use my link and you will get a free stock! It truly is a wonderful app.

Josh Crossley says:

Be careful with that confidence. I have no doubt you have been successful, but this is guaranteed to not be the case at points in the future. Just be modest with the risks on the majority of your funds.

Hamlet Garcia says:

Sign up in 1 minute and get a free stock Made 200$ in just 48 hours from a 10 investment

Kenneth Dc Junior says:

i am starting right now, thanks maannnnn..!!!

cristina dima says:

I would say binary/ forex trading is indeed a great way to invest, thanks to MR MICHEAL who has been assisting me with his amazing strategy, now I earn over $47,000 weekly. I would certainty love to connect every trader to him. You can write him for assistance I assure you all of great success trading with his strategy.

Joey Rivenbark says:

hey do you have any recommendations in regards to Robinhood specifically?

Joey Flowers says:

Does that bank (or credit union) always charge to buy stock.. what i mean by this is if you use cloud based platform like the robinhood app for example. wouldn’t you add money to your portfolio then invest it from there. so for example. If i put 500$ in my portfolio then invest it in various companies, ie 100 in 5 separate companies, would the bank somehow charge me for each time invested in a new company, even though there should only be the 1 transaction of 500$ from my bank to my portfolio?

Jones Smithy says:

I am confused is there like an on let period of time that you can keep a stock lol because like you said buy when every one else is selling so like can they not just keep your stocks through the “stock crisis” or what ever?????

svenkat2006 says:

How much money you made from YouTube for this video with 991K views?. You are a student and talking about diversify, you need 100k to do that.

How to says:

Soo how do you get paid from stock only when you sale or is it like a job where you get paid Monthly and where would you go to buy stock is their a website or do you walk into the company and say I wanna but stock and thanks for the tips cauae I sure was gonna invest in tech please help me out I’m very very new at this

kay 6 says:

Damn one loss nice

Khaled Jammal says:

i didnt understand the last example well when he said “when you spend 500$ to buy a 50$ stock” & in general why i should invest 500$ at a time and not less.
can someone explain it to me?

ssjpacman says:

I think everybody knows them Blue Chip stocks are safe

L2design says:

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Alex Platts says:

How do you know when people are selling theere stocks

Mecca smith says:

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Brady Vaughn says:

Thank you. Good advice. Basic, but good!

Belmin Mlivo says:

Buy low, sell high.

Glenn Benedict says:

Have you heard about that presious matals trading how would you trade in that market , like day trade long term .just looking for tips and ideas

Igor Kitanovski says:

Man I’m only 15 and I’ve been looking into real estate and stocks but I can’t get started because I’m not old enough yet 🙁

mike g says:

do you have bad gas? looks like you want to take a hugh burp!

Shelley Gould says:

oh my.. talk about needing some education. Before buying any stock, you must understand risk. Like how much of a stock should you buy? Check out :

Chris Dopez says:

Want to learn a way to invest your money and guarantee(at least 20-35%) ROI, you can do this on Amazon now same concept and simpler module in how to track how much money you can make within a certain timeframe. If anyone wants to invest and have a steady but guaranteed ROI, message me on this comment or hit me up. This is not a get rich scheme nor for people who do not have the capital or money to build upon. I will get you a free phone consulation on how this process works, no fucking bullshit.

John P says:

Thank you!

Twin Turbo says:

So, how do you actually buy stock? Do you walk into a bank, is there an app you can download (and if there is, what’s the best one)? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I haven’t found an answer to this question yet.

Adriene Morton says:

What Canadian banks are safe investments?

Alex S says:

Price Action Membership Course (view mobile)

fatfat23 says:

Where do i go to buy the stock or invest

Abbottsmile Watch Reviews/Music Producer says:

Can u meet up with me so we can make millions

tg lol says:

What people don’t understand is when someone sells a stock at 1000$ (500$ bought) the one who buys it at 1000$ could sell it later on at 2000$ an then he will sale it later on and so on. My uncle bought a stock of 100k$ from apple when iphone 4 came out he now sold it when 6s plus came out for almost 500k$ making 400k profit of just selling it. then plus the dividend he got a lot too

Caleb R. says:

the wells Fargo stocks is almost the exact same stock as coca cola if your looking for more than one relyable stock; it has been steadily going up ever seance it started.

Miguel Noriega says:

Wait so could i invest and cash out later on or do i gotta keep investing

Josef Amziu says:

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