How to Invest In the Stock Market for Beginners in 2019

We’ve got Jeremy from Financial Education YouTube Channel answering the questions about How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners in 2019, enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

Jeremy’s Channel:

0:53-2:33 Why Invest in Stocks?
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2:34 – 3:33 The benefits of the stock market

3:35 – 5:09 What’s the ideal investing strategy?

5:10 – 6:28 What’s the first step when investing?

6:29 – 7:18 What are the best brokerages?

7:19 – 8:05 Should you Paper Trade?

8:06 – 9:05 How do you find stocks?

9:06 – 10:55 What to look for in stocks?

10:56 – 11:50 What to avoid?

11:51 – 12:45 How to diversify?

12:47 – 13:42 How long should you hold a stock?

13:44 – 14:50 How to get over investor emotions?

14:51 – 15:58 What about investment taxes?

15:59 – 17:04 What industries will do well?

17:06 – 18:27 What do you avoid and what won’t do well?

18:28 – 20:51 Where is the market heading?

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kadir perez says:

Graham is looking pretty jacked! He must be hitting the stuff..

K. Weis Investments says:

*”The company has to be profitable”What about Tesla?????*

Eli T. Iceman says:

This guy bit the big one on TSLA. He is not someone anybody should listen to, except maybe to do the opposite.

Mathieu Letizia-Mineau says:

Do you know any good websites to trade in Canada?

S Shin says:

Wow 200k subs. I remember when you had like 20k subs recording on your cell phone. Congrats.

Mister Fister says:

I use to watch this guy when I was in high school ironically enough while taking a course called “Financial Education”. At first, I listened to him and he was alright. He is okay for teaching beginners but anything beyond that, I feel as if he’s not as good as he seems. Heres my two cents:

– Him going on about Tesla all the time was stupid. Everyone hates the Tesla stock for good reason. That stock is only moving because of the hype around the products and brand. Kevin O’Leary did an interview where he talks about the stock and company and I feel as if his advice was way better then anything Jeremy could offer. The competition once they start to move into electric cars when the time comes, Tesla will get wiped out. Tesla is expensive and they don’t have the capabilities to produce enough cars for the demand, and eventually, other companies will step in and steal their customers. On top of it, you can barely get maintenance for your car if it runs into a problem because unlike other brands, they don’t have dealerships where you can take your car into. To become a certified third-party Tesla repair shop is expensive and very time-consuming. As well as parts taking forever to come in as Tesla has troubles on the production line. They are indeed amazing cars and I’d love to own one but at the end of the day, from an investment standpoint, it’s very risky.

– GoPro. This was something he started promoting maybe in my high school days. Although for short-term gains it could have been a money maker, for long-term, it was the worst possible thing he could have invested in and talked about. When the stock started to fall, he said that it was a good stock to hold and an explanation I remember him giving was regarding the drone market. He said that it was a HUGE market and if they were able to capture just a small percentage of the market, they could make a lot of money through drones. Now that I look back on it, that was one of the stupidest reasons as to believe why GoPro’s stock would rise again. It’s still down a lot of money.

– Wynn Resorts. This was one he promoted for the long-term. They were making resorts or casinos or something, I really don’t remember, however, he was mentioning a project they were doing and said once the project(s) was finished, they’d be making a ton of money. It went up a fair bit, almost like 40% from when I first started looking at it because of him, but it dropped again significantly. Yearly gains would have been a loss in a bull market.

– Callaway. Not going to lie, I don’t really know anything about the stock or company, however, one of his biggest arguments for Callaway is because of Tiger Woods. Sorry, but he’s not going to revive golf. Golf is a dying sport, I like it on occasion, however, young people don’t care for it. Things like TopGolf (Which Jeremy did mention as a reason Callaway could be more successful) could make golfing a little more popular, however, people won’t go to the course because of it. It’s expensive and very time-consuming. Young people don’t have the patience for it. Mostly, everyone, that I know my age dislikes golf. I love golf personally, but young people prefer pitch and putt or golfing as an arcade kind of like TopGolf is doing. As I said, I could totally be wrong as I’ve done like no research into Callaway, however, I just feel like his explanations and research as to why Callaway is a good stock isn’t good. Oh and funny enough, Tiger Woods was with TaylorMade and due to his past, I’m not sure how many companies would want to sponsor him that easily. My point is, it may be a great stock, but his explanations as to why are just very short-sided.

In this bull market, if you diversified, you probably made gains in the stocks you invested in. It’s not hard to lose money in a market where everyone is winning.

Marco says:

20k XRP will be life changing in a few years

Tommy Brown says:

I just started chapter 7 of the intelligent investor, will revisit video later

Nick Kravitz says:

Jeremy: Stay clear of day and swing trading; it doesn’t make money. Cut to YouTube targeted ad. Hello, my name is Joe. I used to be in debt living in my parent’s basement. Then I discovered day trading, became a millionaire, and spend my time on the beach surrounded by beach babes. And you can too; just buy my course!

xzonia1 says:

Nice to see Jer-Bear collabing with you, Graham! I hope you two had a good time together! 🙂

Ryan Troxtell says:

Why is there Soy Face on the promo picture for every video?

janmes windsor says:

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abenzuoo says:

Next guest warren/obama? Greetings from FIN x)

Tomas18PK says:

First of all, all the collabs you do is awesome!
Second, question minutes – very good! i can say that ill whatch this video again in the near future, and most likely, more than 2 times… Thats why minutes will help me out!

shaochia vang says:

The only stock you should buy are ETFs tracking the s&p 500 if you are a long term investor. The vast majority of portfolio managers cannot beat the market on a consistent basis.

LordDecimus says:

This is no good.

King Money Mastery says:

Graham I followed you ever since you had 4k subs. It is amazing how much your channel has grown. You have inspired me to start my own youtube channel as well! Made 7 figures with various income methods and am now ready to show the world how it is done.

Tad Ka says:

How did you get that Lotus Elise into your sitting room?

Black Vito says:

As a long time sub-er of both of you I’ve been hoping this day would come.

CryptoLift says:

I started watching your videos a year ago. I owned no properties. I just got my closing date for my 4th duplex. Thanks Graham

Oscar Cornejo says:

Wanna buy stock but dont know how or where to start? I Found this app called Robinhood. It’s a free, safe, and secure stock trading app. No fees, no brokers. Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link to get the free share.

Thomas Cowley says:

I wish I could invest in US stocks but it’s much harder from the UK 🙁

Ayoub MZ says:

Here are several tips that should be followed by beginning investors.
1. Set Long-Term Goals
2. Understand Your Risk Tolerance
3. Control Your Emotions
4. Handle Basics First
5. Diversify Your Investments

irainkoolaid2 says:

jeremy looks so uncomfortable lol

JDM Viking says:

robinhood only for americans?

#Rossy's Corals says:

Graham how short are you?

Hamish Hodder says:

Love seeing these collaborations. Real Estate investing isn’t for everyone and the same can be said for the stock market, so these kind of videos are great for sharing alternative wealth creation strategies to your audience!

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