How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market | Beginners Guide| Basics | India | Share Market

This Video will help you learn the basic thing you need to strat investing in the Indian Stock market. Starting from the DMAT account all the way to picking the correct stocks to invest in.


Aryan Singhal says:

Sir this video is very helpful. I wanted to know which bank would you suggest to open a account with(saving)?

samulogs says:

Very informative.. i chose to invest in stock market as i need atleast some amount of money to start my start-up (within the next 2 years), i will be following your videos… and will be investing in stocks in a few days.. hope it goes well 🙂

Prachi Kodle says:

nice video
friends, also have look on this article, it will definitely enhance your knowledge

Prakash.m Kullabond says:

I’m beginner I’m confused how to start an demat account. could you please suggest me about demat I’m 19…..

Hachi de Fibonacci says:

C4C – stop investing in us bonds. dubai is the present. usa economy is doomed. the new president will surely attempt to stimulate the economy however it will be short lived.
take a look at what is going on in dubai.


What indian stocks are good to trade intraday i.e which moves good. cheers

vishesh kakar says:

Thank you very much for video really helpful

Vikram H says:

too low voice.. painful to hear

Arka Hazra says:


Prathap Naidu says:

Guys anyone plz tell me
Iqoption is legal in India

niteen dongre says:

Thanks a lot Sir. You are a good teacher. I have subscribed your channel and going to share with my friends.

Dheeren raj says:

best video by far i ave seen tq

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rolen says:

Really very informative video, thank you

Sk.Farman Ali says:

Thanks for information

Alfinz says:

want to open account with Zerodha just click on the link :

Saad Khan says:

Wrong spelling of recession

Amit Shah says:

Good video for the starters. A couple of questions

1. Can I get list of companies that are listed on NSE and BSE with their industry information in a downloadable file?
2 How do stock brokers earn?


kapil thukral says:

pls.hindi mei bhee banaye vedio thanks good info

Aaqib says:


Wealth Rise says:

Can we display this video on our website Thanks


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zing agency says:

what if i am scammed

venkata sri harsha says:

Good video got idea on stock Market and make videos for us

Focus Finance says:

I wish the people will like to see my efforts in and through it will be useful to stock market investors and traders

sandipan chatterjee says:

If i invest in equity today will i earn the share of profit after the complition of the companies financial year?

golutheboy says:

good video

vaibhav mishra says:

Hi, this was an informative video and explanation was also done in simple terms. I have a question though. Taking the example of loss in FD, when the TDS is already deducted @ 10%, how is a further tax @ 20% being deducted again? Is it applicable only in case the tax slab is higher than 10%? If yes, should the further deduction be on pro-rata basis i.e. 20% – 10%?

Richards Morgan says:

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Mert Temel says:

Good day, how can I invest in India as a European citizen?

Biker Anand says:

brilliant video, the examples you showed are perfect and easy to understand. keep such videos coming. can u also post a video about ur opinion or ur personal ratings on different demat account providers

Gagan D says:

well explained , thank you

surendranath MV says:

it is good for begineers

abhinav pandey says:

very helpful ,looking forward for next video

saurabh bhandwalkar says:

very bad audio!

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deepak chowdary says:

you didnt say about capital loss in stock markets. This is what a beginner needs to know. You might lose money!

Bizinfree says:

Highly Informative and Helpful.

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Art Cafe Kalimpong says:

i.e. – that is.

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