Investing in stocks requires answering the following questions:

How to invest money in stocks?
How much money to invest in stocks?
What are the best stocks to buy?
How to find the best stocks to buy?
How do I protect myself from a stock market crash?
What are the best stocks to invest in?
Should I invest in penny stocks? Should I invest in bitcoin? Should I invest in blockchain?
How to invest in stocks on your own?


What I do is, I invest money in my stock market portfolio on a month by month basis. I have a model stock portfolio that I started with $10 thousand and I add $1 thousand every month no matter what. I do not necessarily buy with all the money that I add, that depends on the opportunities in the market, more about how I find opportunities and track them later.
My goal is for this stock market portfolio to be at $1 million in 20 years. This will be achieved if I reach an investment return of 12% per year. I believe, this can be achieved with proper research, good risk reward analysis and proper portfolio diversification. Investors that I admire like Klarman, Buffett, Schloss, have achieved even higher returns than 12% over the very long term. Other value investors are steadily above 15% which shows that this can be done over the long term.


The best stocks to buy are those with good businesses that lead to growing earnings, cash flows and dividends over time no matter what is going on with the economy or stock market.


Here it all boils down to research, looking for the best businesses, following sectors that are cheap at the moment due to temporary reasons.


On stock market crash protections, you have to see when do you need the money and then balance between cash and investing. Stocks to expensive, have more cash and then balance as the market always fluctuates.


Penny stocks and cryptocurrencies attract lots of people because big money can be made there fast due to the high volatility. However, that is speculation and you depend on someone paying more than what you paid.


To invest in the technology you are looking at long term investments in companies like IBM. There is even an IBM blockchain page.


The first thing to know is to understand all the terms related to stocks and investing, all the accounting factors (I have to make a course accounting for investors, will come but I can’t promise when), read as many books as you can (we have made a summary of the intelligent investor here) and there is also my book, and give yourself time to learn. Invest the money you can afford to lose as tuition, you learn much better with real money.

What do I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher:

I am also a book author:
Modern Value Investing book:

More at the Sven Carlin blog:


The Mansion says:

I am new to your site Sven. Excellent information. Thank you

Ramzi Batarseh says:

Seco is up 30%. I bought it per your recommendation and made 30% in 1 month. 30% in one month is roughly 12% over 3 years. This is a typical problem I face often. Do you sell?

Christopher Edwards-Bailey says:

What you opinion on Pingduoduo(PDD.O)?

Alexis Ribault says:

Hi Sven, I like your videos, I have been following you for a couple of months already. Continue the good work. I was wondering, which instituons do you use to buy your stocks in latin America or Asia like Russia?

ELFYHO says:

happy to hear that you will teach us accounting also.

Spicer Capital - Invest Smarter says:

I agree with you on diversification into real estate and business. I preach and do the same thing!

But where are you buying your real estate? You’re talking about physical, right? Conditions aren’t as favorable for rental real estate in the Netherlands, are they?

Thanks, Sven!

Iris Docs says:

Do you manage other peoples money to ?

RIchard B says:

Good video. It might just be me, but many YouTube channels are quite frantic. This one was just relaxed, common sense advice. Plenty of info put over in a calm, reasoned way. Well done “Uncle” Sven.

Spicer Capital - Invest Smarter says:

Sven, you talk about where to invest to protect a portfolio from a crash. I released a video a week or so ago about “Crash Proofing Your Investments” – I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the strategies I mention there.

Investing Book Summaries says:

Stellar video sven

Tiago Monteiro says:

Great video! Keep up the excelent work! Will be applying to your investment accounting course as soon it is released!

goett12 says:

Hey Sven, nice video! I think you may have misspoke around the 2:00 mark when you said that investors like Buffet have averaged over 50% over the long term. That would be insane! It looks like Berkshire has averaged around 21% since 1965. I think you may have meant to say 15%, but 15 and 50 sound similar, haha

rishi says:

sir accounting course pls, i am from science background and a trader, want to learn accounting so i can get deep in investing.

Mike says:

Blockchain and crypto currency are inseparable. You need a native token to run a decentralized blockchain. You need decentralization to give it immutability, censorship resistance, and finite supply and you need those properties to make it valuable. In 10 years the ‘blockchain not bitcoin’ line will be laughable as blockchain without a token is nothing more than a permissioned database with a fancy name. Once again you should not be talking about something outside your competency. Either put in the significant research it requires to fully grasp bitcoin and cryptocurrency or stop talking about it!

Abhineeth Reddy says:

Thanks lot for all the input you are giving. It is helping me to get a perspective. Got a questions to ask.
Back story: From my understanding of all the reading, listening and watching about stock investing, it is a general rule of thumb, right way to invest in a stock(a specific company) is if you understand it, it’s industry and and other subsidiary factors related to it. I really like the way you are analyzing each company. But I don’t know a lot about the industry, country, political environment, possible risks for the sector/industry and few more details. I don’t have enough time to dig deep into each.
My question is, do you have any plans to start a mutual fund or ETF or similar any time soon?

Venkateswarara Reddy says:

Hi Sven – it has good insights for value investing. Can you please analyze OPK (Opko Health is a diversified biotechnology company) when you get a chance? This company CEO buying lot of stocks from open market. I hope I will see you next video for this stock. Thanks

Shoo Hoo says:

Hi Sven, how do you recommend investing in commodities like gold and silver? I know there are goldminer etfs, direct gold etf, and physical gold and silver. I’d like to hedge my portfolio to prepare for the next recession, thank you in advance!

Jonny K says:

Sven check out VFF on the TSX great stock with huge growth potential, 30+ years experience successfully growing produce now converting to cannabis, low float, low market cap. Just got their recreation license couple days ago but still well under the radar. Check it out

Alexander Starr says:

When is the right time for options Sven?

Dobberman Szeven says:

Hi Sven! What’s you opinion on business valuation courses? Does it pay off to follow one, or are there more effective ways to learn business valuation? If so, do you know any good courses on business valuation? I’d really appreciate your take on this one Have a great one!

Ni ls says:

Hey Sven, I really enjoy your videos on investing. I am a beginner and I find them very inspiring and interesting.
I would love to see a course accounting for investors, which you mentioned!!
Keep up the good work, I guess I see you at 100k subs soon.

Whatsthis1do says:

Great self promotion. Very concise.

Pe6ek says:

Sven! You are the man!

goett12 says:

What resources/websites to you recommend for researching stocks, getting financial statements, etc.?

Ricardo Luz says:

Hi Sven, sorry but i haven’t had so much time to watch your videos lately 🙁 . Btw, can i ask you what are the businesses that you own?

Bugsy says:

12.5%, 10 year, You can beat the market?

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