How to Invest in stocks and not worry about a stock market crash

How to invest in stocks and not worry about a stock market crash with Niche Masters Fund head asset manager, Peter Barklin. Answer: invest in great businesses.

0:00 Introduction
1:30 What is value when value investing
2:10 High quality
2:47 Value, size and price
3:50 Long track record
5:33 Return on capital
6:01 Dechra Pharmaceuticals Plc
10:23 5 key things

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I am also learning a lot by interning with my mentors: dr. Per Jenster and Peter Barklin at the Niche Masters fund.


Alexander luedtke says:

Tank you for this information’s 😉

Hubris says:

Where do you obtain data on a large number of companies?

Jacobsen1987 says:

You’ve just got an investment tip 🙂

cityguyable says:

Buffet bought Delta I believe and American is doing records business. American stock is near 52 week lows.

stefano de longhi says:

Ciao Sven, x il prossimo video dovresti mettere una lampada che illumina il tuo volto… qui hai la nuca illuminata dalla luce naturale ed il viso in ombra, non è il massimo.
Se invece guardi il tizio con gli occhiali ha il viso illuminato e la nuca in ombra x lui è ok.

Ming Y says:

Peter gives clear and logical points. Also speaks very straight forward so east to comprehend is ideas, I like his approach.

Trayvon Gordon says:

Excellent interview. Very informative. Thank you, Dr. Carlin.

Phillip67 says:


SanktGallus says:

@/ways buy the Roman Empire!

Proper 3D says:

Buy blue chip American companies that pay dividends, and have for 10, 25, 100 years and sleep like a baby at night. Collect your dividends and worry not.

silentyuan says:

Thanks for the upload. One feedback :audio can be louder

Omg Beast mode says:

IBM and google long term

RIchard B says:

Enjoyed the video, as always, but for me, this example from the interview sums up the potential pitfalls of trying to make money in the market.

Dechra might be a great business, but you can’t just rush out and buy its shares at the current price, based on what Peter said in the video, which some people might be tempted to do. There is a lot more involved. A very quick back of an envelope valuation shows Its over priced, at around £25, its earnings are around £17. Yes it consistently pays a dividend, but it is of only 1.45% and its ROC has been less than 5%. Its ROE is around 15%. Better companies are out there for the price. For a 10% return, I would need to pay around £6.50 a share. It would be interesting to know the price at which Peter bought. That is where the value comes from.

However, does that mean you shouldn’t buy or Peter is wrong? The estimate I made was just that, an estimate. Without fully researching the company, my growth figures might be wrong, I could have made a number of assumptions that are incorrect. That is where Peter and his fund or Sven with his investment platform come in, you pay them for that skill. It’s a great skill.

Jason's Travel Chronicles says:

2011 I could have bought air canada for 0.83 cents. Now it’s $ 27! So I think there are bargains in every correction in every industry…

EVNI says:

Good video would love to know whats on Peter Barklin’s list

Tita Alexandru says:

good info. Thank you, Sven! greetings

Website guy says:

I never thought about year after year dividend increases to grade management. He is very sharp. Shows commitment to the customer also.

happy larry says:

Dechra Pharma is a SHORT. Down 30% this year.

Jesse Liu says:

Good video Sven, but Decra is trading at PE 81???

Voice Guy says:

Thanks Sven!

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