How To Invest In Stocks And Bonds For Beginners

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Our guide will lead you through the basics of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and into the more exotic realms of options, futures …
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If you’re considering investing in stocks or bonds, you need a basic understanding of how the financial … Investing in Stocks with Basic Knowledge of Economics.
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Mar 30, 2014 – The investing for beginners site includes articles, resources, lessons, … and other information on basic investment ideas such as stocks, bonds, …


Michael Reyes says:

Good video. As someone with over 7 years of trading experience I can tell you need to treat trading like an art form. There isn’t much science behind it. Having experience with whatever company you are trading with also helps a lot too.

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Cynthia Alexander says:

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Kevin Junior Mekulu says:

Reporter: “So how do you value the company”
Warren Buffet: “Well, that’s the trick..”
Come on share dat knowledge!!!!!

The Pianist says:

the guy that interrupted Buffett was very annoying — I was trying to listen to Buffett and not that guy

Roberta E. Wilson says:

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Saul Salinas says:

play the lottory

James Caldwell says:

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James Brooks says:

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Marc Abramsky says:

He’s right. I agree with his long term view. A good company, run by good management, producing good products that are bettering the world is great. It really is versus investing in a relic. Now the problem is Buffet owns stocks that are NOT good and not credible. Like say Wells Fargo for example. Exactly what the heck do they do other than conduct business in a corrupt as hell industry that does a lot more bad than good. See Buffet doesn’t seem to be partial to WHAT he invests in as long as VALUE is there. Fine, but mocking golds role as keeping governments from fraudulently devaluing the dollar (which Mr. Buffet is called running a business into the ground) is what gold is all about. Let’s say sir that the company you are investing in is stealing your money and running off with it while at the same time cooking the books to make itself look good. Would you continue to invest? Would you even think of investing is such a corporation? Welcome to fiat currency. Owning them is faith in your country and your government running the show properly and providing purchasing power for YOU as a consumer. Not stealing your money through debt, taxes and inflation. Except here is the thing. You don’t have a choice. You have to own this stock. You have to own this poorly run company. You have no choice. You should have that choice in a free country shouldn’t you sir. However you don’t. You have this corporation that is abusing you. You see sir it isn’t YOU who gets hammered when the system implodes or crashes. It is the little fellow who pays for it all. You know the TBTF types. I believe sir that YOU Made a cool 2 billion saving Goldman Sachs. You see sir this option was not available to the little guy. I am sure that you could have got a number of people together to form a small fund of 5 billion to give Goldman in order to make 2 billion in less than three years but NO that was reserved for you. I believe that is almost 40% sir in less than three years. How long does it take the little fellow to see 40%. Well let me tell you. They little fellow won’t see 40% ever. In fact he’s in the hole for about 750 billion. Remember the TBTF bail outs? This is what Gold is all about sir. Preserving value when everyone around you is trying to screw you. You know VALUE. That big word you use when you invest. Like a trade sir in a company. Remember losing 7 billion on oil? Right. You wouldn’t have if you had a stop loss. Now you understand Gold sir. It is the PEOPLE”S stop loss on a very shitty trade they are in at the moment for which they are forced to take a position.

ru11et says:

Gold doesn’t do anything? Theres bits of gold in whatever device your reading this on

Christian Escudero says:

I would take the farmland side of the deal too Buffet, I agree. But gold is not useless as a hedge when allocated in a small portion, and I think the wizard knows that.

john vincent says:

I owe you special thanks Mr WILLIAM DAVID for your great winning strategy, thank God i contacted you right from the first time i came across some good posts about you, today i can proudly say you are a trade god, thank you for your help sir

norcal native says:

I love Warren he’s witty and friendly, not your typical billionaire

James Pearson says:

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carlos tacuri says:

Great video

Jarrett L says:

He reads an article in English describing a business, and he values a business just off that? Shark tank seems like a big waste of time now

Kiwi says:

at 6:40 that man got real fat real quick

mike g says:

like I give a shit about 100years! from now!

paulius razmus says:

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NaziAssUtube says:

he’s not going to tell you the trick lol smart man

John Lee says:

I can barely fathom a billion dollars, how do you look at a company and say “Yeah, that’s worth $250 billion” lol. Just gotta read annual reports for years and years?

Sean Day says:

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Nwabo Fabrice says:

how do i invest in stocks from cameroon??

Bilal Rafael says:

The lesson is – Dont invest in gold

Sebastian Grigore says:


Harry McRae says:

He’s my favorite financial advisor. Dude really got mad because he is all about emotion. Warren buffet is all about facts!

Binary Success Code says:

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Jay Thomas says:

You know why he doesn’t like gold, because it makes his paper money worth less. there is only a limited supply of gold so it will always hold its value today through a hundred years. money is manipulated by how much we print you can’t print gold.

Orville Pickard says:

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LanceTV says:

This isn’t a how to. This is just advice on what you should invest in.

Jab Hutt says:

He is not an investor, he is a reseller. Different thing. Stock investing is bs, that’s why he doesn’t do it, at best, as he said, he is “parking” his money somewhere.
Like he did now with Apple.

Tricia Young says:

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Hcules says:

its nice how buffet is so calm to people being rude with him

Andres Rodriguez says:

I’ve tipped a few

ced saidso says:


171TITO says:

Chi choose chi choong chi choong chi choong

Orville Pickard says:

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Joshua TOA says:

I’m about this life. Bout to hop on the gravy train.

Naturally Me Tv says:

This did not teach me how to invest..:/

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