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Remedios Castello Cros says:

Your spanish is good Ricky. Gracias desde España

Toto Babu says:

You speak spanish huh….so you are from spain ricky?

Emily Hernandez says:

Where would you start with penny stocks?

Pepsiaddicto says:

If you can find 144 phones per year at 60% price on common buying platforms, why the hell would people be paying 40% more for them ever?

Trey Thomas says:

Hey Ricky I am 17 years old with 1500 dollars and I really want to invest it I need your advice on something could u please text me at 8174703031

rahim_thedream 98 says:

i wanna know who thought you all this i wish i had some one teach me how to hussle ike u bro

NU VLOGS says:

Really you make millions of dollars on your own and you want to put in a commercial to make a penny what the hell

Donaciano Sandoval says:

Hey Ricky, I found out about you through Graham! I loved this video because you went into specifics about the process, and what to do. You’re awesome, and real unlike some other youtubers in the community. Keep up the great work, and we’re here for you!

Kenny Johnson says:

Is there a video showing how to actually start trading? What software to use etc. etc. some kind of step-by-step guide. Thanks.

Marcus Divine says:

Smart and gorgeous. I’m in love.

Dr. Dre says:

What what do you think of Alibaba ? I’m in general ..also I seen Huawei p10 phones $60 Or so on Alibaba..they sell $500 brand new online or in store …do you think these are safe to resell ?

Robert J. duPreez says:

Looking forward to buying a TechBuds shirt. Be sure to test market the artwork before you comment to any design. Time to brand yourself.

Harrison Smith says:

Hi anyone willing to help! I have ~500 to invest and can invest ~50 a month into it every month. I have an Etrade account and i want to open a roth IRA and put multiple ETFs in it…What is my next step? The only thing preventing me from making investments is that every trade incurs a fee. If i’m putting that little into the account is it even worth it? Would it be better to put $50 a month into it or better to put $200 ever 4 months into it? Is there a better brokerage to use than Etrade or does that even matter too much? Also how do i go about researching the right ETFs? lastly, should i be using Acorns? im 25 college student with 40k in debt all the loans have varyinbg interests from 2-6%. please help me as everything is so complicated and specific. Im just trying to take the ultimate path for my status.

Raul Carranza says:

Where Can I get The tech sheets you use to Scan Stocks?

damiean says:

With this many users in techbud we need to invest as a whole in real estate, businesses, and other endeavors?

Steven Buteau says:

Is there a good place to find phones in bulk even if they have broken screens. Or can you help me to figure out the best place to buy a phone because to me it seems hard to buy a phone on Craigslist or offer up for a cheap price and then turn around and sell it for more

Alexis Castillo says:

can you be my mentor?

momenntum says:

good video man!!

ren apigo says:

hey ricky im a big fan of yours you motivate me to do daily trade. im watching all your video and helps me a lot. thank you

Tech tonik says:

drink everytime he saids um

Francesco trotter says:

Isnt that kind of illegal and how do u get taxed

907 globetrotter says:

Great advice, thank you for sharing Ricky

Inge P.K says:

Thank you for yur videos!! I would just recommend you to talk a little bit slower, so we can understand better. It’s difficult to follow you 😛

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