HOW TO INVEST $1000 📈 Investing Your First 1000 Dollars

How to invest $1000 is a common question I get. Investing $1000 can be a great opportunity. If investing in the stock market, do your research before deciding how to invest $1000 you have to spare. This video should shed some light on how to invest $1000.

How To Invest $1000 | 4 Ways…

1. Index Funds or Mutual Funds

If you are looking to minimize risk and get exposure to the stock market, invest $1000 in a low fee index fund or mutual fund. Here is a surprising fact: From 1997 to 2012 all-index fund portfolios outperformed actively managed funds 83.4% of the time. Low cost index funds beat the professional stock pickers 83.4% of the time! The disadvantage to investing in a mutual fund or an index fund is there is little involvement on the part of the investor. This is a set it and forget it type of investment.

2. Invest in a Stock.

While stock picking shouldn’t be your primary investment strategy, it can be a fun way to learn. Most individual stock investors set aside a portion of their portfolio for individual stocks. I suggest investing in a company you like. Invest in no more than two companies to offset commission costs. If you don’t have interest in investing in a company you like, you should invest in a stable dividend stock.

3. Invest in a Side Business.

If you are looking for a 10x or 100x return on investment, you should invest in a side business. Start a YouTube Channel, a photography business, a drone business, a face painting business, become an ebay reseller, start a landscaping business or a consulting business. Commit all revenue from that side business to purchase other income producing assets to create a cycle of wealth.

4. Invest in Yourself.

Invest in educating yourself in order to earn more money at the job you have. Or, learn a skill you can teach to others. A third option is to educate yourself about money management and personal finance.

In my opinion these are the best options of how to invest $1000. If you are trying to learn how to invest $1000, I recommend following one of these four options above. Your best option for how you should invest $1000 is to invest in your own side business. These are the investments that pay you back the most.

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GabakUSA Free computer training says:

use the camera in manual so you wont see those light differences

gleonardops says:

Thanks, great video

Sandra Young says:

enjoyed the video , got to get my priorities together.

Chocolate Chip says:

I really want some waffles

nikolaus beer says:

People need to listen to this guy.
None of the triple your money in a day bs! Good summary on mutual funds etc.
If you actually want to invest in stock tough I highly recommend looking into value calculations and don’t buy just something you think is cool, bc those stocks are often overpriced. Just do a little bit of research!
Anyways I appreciate the content of the vid, good work!

Alexandre Garcia says:

What’s you thought on Swellinvestment?

AlienPlantLife says:

I put all of it into Nuka-Cola. I heard they are breaking ground for a new theme park.


What if your not 20 and your 40 what is your approach on investing your 1st 1000 being that time is already against you?

Marcus says:

Hey I’m 17 and very interested in the stock market, one thing I’m doing as a 2nd gig besides a normal job is buying cars with my friends, upgrading them, then selling them for more money.

Donna Lambrose says:

Thanks Ryan for your advice. It is very insightful. I am an older person who received a small inheritance. I was wondering if you could give some advice for investing in the stock market for older people (I realize you are not old). I appreciate any information you can offer. I like your videos. Thanks again.

Joro Ivanov says:

Been watching your content for a while now, all I have to say, you’re straight to the point and no bullshit included, love it!
If there’s a way I can talk to you in private I would definitely appreciate it!

milkmanskid3 says:

You’re a great teacher, a natural.

karensansui says:

Why do you have car payments?

PureGosu says:

honestly you don’t know much about investing. your just saying bs, you still live with your parents second your its better to pay your car off first before you invest. third mutual funds have high fees and ETF’s are much cheaper or pick winning stocks. you just trying to act like you know for subs

MrDballmoney says:

When I was 18 I received 4k from a settlement when I was around 4. I kept 1k, and invested 3k. I should of shifted the money around, I did lose half of it in the dotcom crash. My broker never let me know about dividend yielding stocks. I did take my 1.5k out and invested in my musical instruments. I’ve been in a few bands and have made the money back, eventually lol. I didn’t have regrets until I learned about dividends! This was 14 years and would be ahead! If you want to invest, do it. Diversify, play it safe. You can invest in things that have nothing to do with the stock market as well!! Just start doing it. Thanks for the video! You’re teaching me a lot and you make it simple

nasrick kelly says:

Thats true what he is saying

Owen Davis says:

I am 12 and am a partial owner of Tesla

Caleb Poling says:

Great advise! Top notch! Totally agreed!

Xiaofei Xue says:

Nice video!!! Really want to hire you as wealth manager.

TEA miro says:

you look like your 18 years old now

Francois M says:

Hey, Ryan love your Video, by the way speaking about Mutual Funds, you should definitely check out this Book from Tony Robbins “Money Master the Game” he strongly not recommend Mutual funds (= Huge fees) for investment, this book is a gold mine!

Tanina Aggur says:

What is your opinion on investing in vbiax for retirement?

Nicholaus Buthmann says:

Thanks Bro!

Manuel Ocasio says:

U have a lot to learn.

Big Chunky says:

Cheers bro

lovely me says:

Thanks for the info!

Todd Devonshire says:

I’ve watched about 40+ videos on this shit. yours is the best I’ve seen so far. good job man

Gustavo Molina says:

New subscriber! Ryan I have stocks with a company I used to work for. I’ve been fortunate enough to make just under 1k of profit from the stocks I have. My question is should I sell the stocks and use the 1k to make new investments or should I keep half and sell half but still use the 1k of profit to make new investments? I’m new to this whole stock investing so the question might sound dumb. Just looking for the best advice. Anyone with a great advice please comment.

Brian Perkins says:

I use vanguard index funds

Danny Kotel says:

Thank you man great stuff love your videos! Keep it up!

flyinb45 says:

Great info! Thank you for the vid. Funny seeing the Death Wish Coffee sticker. I’m in Ballston Lake

MrDballmoney says:

There is Zero Shame in doing yard work as a side hussle or turn to a full time business! I know guys that make 70k a year doing that! I’ve been telling my friends, who are broke, that I will pay for the equipment and set up the jobs. They refuse to! If you have a smart phone, there’s no reason to not make money!!

cheese cakes says:


Daniel Gomez says:

Whats the difference between ETF and Mutual Funds?

Lori Favela says:

We can all say I’d wish we knew this before life, but all we can do is listen and understand…..

lue mart says:


Blew says:

I have a loan on one of my cars …

Ryan Scribner says:


Silver Skidz says:

what r the benefits of a mutual fund over an index? seems like the index would always be the way to go!

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