HOW TO INVEST $100 IN 2018!

How should you invest 100 dollars? In this video, we will be discussing three different investments where you could get started with as little as $100. You could invest $100 in stocks, index funds, cryptocurrencies or something else entirely! These are my recommendations on where to invest 100 dollars.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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Sinisa Culic says:

Any RObin hood alternative for Austria?

MrGiggity890 says:

Does anybody else hate Tai Lopez?

christ roi ebelempou says:

But me im in South africa how can do that ?

brandonbeavisinvesting says:

Killer vid Ryan. Hope your Vacay went/is going well 🙂

Apple Crider says:

Great specific stock picks under that $100 mark! Keep preaching to stay away from penny stocks!
-Financial Confidence For Millennials Channel
Subscriber Goal 98/100

Dividend Reaper says:

Expected to hear you say, “invest in yourself! Buy books that teach you skills/about stocks” but alas, you did not!

Matt says:

You’ll probably have to buy 4-5 shares to meet the ask.

Fahreen Hasan says:

Hi Ryan ! Im a new subscriber & very new to the stock market still in the learning phase . Your videos are very informative & helpful for a beginner like myself . Keep these videos coming very helpful !

CryptoLlama says:

why are you selling bitcoin merch if you don’t like bitcoin?

TreasureHunting101 says:

You forgot investing in yourself with a class or certification. Or a website ect.

systemdeadlock says:

8 bit is a byte

chocolate bar says:

Hey Ryan, can I get that 8-Bit Coin shirt for free? lol, cuz tomorrow is literally my birthday, and I got dumped by my gf last week =))) and I really love your channel and your content.

Dan Bob says:

Will Robin Hood come to Europe soon ?

Brand Factory Media says:

Hey ryan, remember you promoted the independent invest channel months ago? I would like to talk to about somethings concerning that guy. Not sure how you know him, but I would not promote him anymore. Not going to say how he is using his channel on here publically but it’s not cool.

TRIFE says:

Where you been G

TheZeek says:

Good video.

var1328 says:

I ain’t touching GE till it drops below ten bucks – Microsoft is the obvious winner of this group

Joshua Preda says:

can u do this with $500 or $1000

Young and Intelligent Money Investing says:

I’d go and put it into a couple small ETFs and low cost blue chip stocks like F and SPHD. Pretty much just want to learn with that small investment

Juanita Lee says:

Ryan, thank you for sharing! I just learned about you on youtube and I’ve been hooked since. Your financial knowledge is positively contagious. I’ve invested over $5000 since learning and listening to your videos. Again, thank you so much!

Pietro Pejman Rossi says:

Ryan, I have an important question.
How much do you pay for the fees when you buy an action from a company ?
I’m paying to my bank. I live in Belgium. American market is more expensive here. I have to pay 20 Euro for courtage then a % for the exchange fee (like 40 Euro exchange fees for 3500 investment for example. Euro to dollar) then the tax.
So if I want to buy one share of coca cola then one share of Microsoft for example. I will have to pay 20 Euro for the courtage then a % for the exchange fee but that’s nothing for one share. The problem is the courtage which is 20 Euro.
What are you doing ? How much do you pay? What can I do to solve this problem and invest easily in different us companies ?
Thank you for your videos and your answer.

Denisse Velazco says:

Hey there! I’m new to stocks and I currently work for Autozone and I’m buying Autozone stock. I’ve been purchasing their stock for a year now. Do you think I should keep investing in the stock??

Natrel Smoothstone says:

Which online broker should I use if I’m from Canada ?

Josh Meyer says:

Grain stocks? Cheap yet volitile?

Michael Sizemore says:

Great video.

Brian Azeri says:

just bought my first index stock. your video really helpfull to getting started in stock market!

i have one question for you, iam planning to invest long term in index stock (15-20 years). in case of stock market crash happen, should in pull out my investment or just hold and buy more stock? 10 years bull run seems scary without major correction

John Davis V says:

Can you do a video on stash for investing. Thanks

chuckluvsmusic2much says:

Love the video, but you forgot to mention the Stash app. Stash lets you invest in ETFs for as little as $5 at $1/month up to $5k. With $100, you can invest in 20 different ETFs.

scools4you says:

And if you don’t United States, like how I live in the Caribbean, how am I able to invest my money in on US stocks and shares?Cause the apparently these investing apps require you reside in the US. I’d really like to know.

Murad Shawar says:

GE is also my favorite investment going into 2018. It still pays a dividend and also John Flannery might be able to turn the ship around in 2 years. I can collect my dividends and wait for it to recover. Ge 2020.

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