How to Find a Great Stock Investment in 1 hour! | Stock Investing 101

On the financial education we know how to find a great stock investment in 1 hour. Stock investing 101 is important. Every investor should know stock investing 101.

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Ingvar1996 says:

Your channel has the most practical advice out there, love the content!

Eddins Brannum says:

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NoHaxInvolved says:

should do one on what makes stocks go up and down. might be something I should know but no and I’m stuck to your information now so watching someone else’s video won’t feel right

Alvin Vulue says:

Hello there Jeremy, in additional things you mentioned in this video, I also like to make sure that the product or service that led me to notice the company makes up a significant part of their revenue. I also like to check the Statement of Cash Flow to make sure that cash flow from operating activities has grown three years in a row. Besides that, I use pretty much the same process.

Zea Samudio says:

Hey! Thank you!

Ved Iyer says:

100th like

Ivan Stoyanov says:

Jeremy, I would be very interested to find out what your opinion is on Amazon (AMZN). Currently they trade at 185 P/E ratio and this is the lowest it has ever been. 5-6 years ago they have been trading at 400 and even 500 P/E ratio?

NoHaxInvolved says:

on my 13th video of yours and still going

Nate O'Brien says:

A current ratio of more than 3 or 4 should be analyzed closely. Sometimes companies are not investing back into the business or there could be other issues.

Spankenstein says:

His head keeps shrinking

Yaver Baig says:

if a company having debt/equity ratio high but still growing with a decent percentage in revenue and earning. than what would u suggest. is it worth investing??

Alex P says:

Pretty much answered the question I’ve had for the longest time. Great informative video.

Harrison Burge says:

Before investing, do you consider macro conditions – money supply, yield curve, fund managers’ cash balances, etc. – to get an idea of how quickly the Federal Reserve’s high powered credit will fuel the stock market?

Amadeus Huff says:

Love your stuff, Jeremy. Please keep it coming!

aditya vcet says:

It’s a good explanation but this is heavy financial talk and you just can’t give oral explanation. A white board, excel sheet, a power point presention, diagrams will help far better.

Incredible Ducky says:

When you say “having low debt and lots of cash takes a lot of risk out of the stock (im assuming you mean that company going bankrupt”. Is there still some risk? just hard for me to try and quantify

Supriyanto Tjhin says:

Too bad you didn’t mention entry time for a stock after those 4 categories are fulfilled..

MM 92 says:

Long term investment :

Monster Bevarage Corporation

The shares has under 20 years paid out most, people who invested in 1997 has already made 1400 times their money.

Sorry for the bad english, im Swedish 🙂

Faizan Quraishi says:

I want to ask a question. Suppose you evaluated a company which is positive in all those four parameters and you decided to invest in it. Now, do you invest in one go or in staggered manner like buying in dips or buying few, then few more if it goes up.. and so on?

Hussain AL Lawati says:

could you give examples of companies that have good business, good balance sheet, good income and p/e ?

Valdas Paulavicius says:

Great video! Just wish the audio was better

NoHaxInvolved says:

should do one on what makes stocks go up and down. might be something I should know but no and I’m stuck to your information now so watching someone else’s video won’t feel right

Gordon Golbart says:

Do I look at he forward or the trailing

Scott Fischer says:

Your videos are very informative. I don’t see that you have
a profit motive like most…would you consider making more tutorial videos such
as: how to set scanners & build watch lists? Also, how to find stocks that
show future movement potential. I’m so tired of “watch lists” that should be
listed as “watch what happened lists” – could you teach your subscribers how to
become independent?

Donald Kent says:

Jeremy, I couldnt find your video on stock/financial terms. Where can I find it?


Can you please make video about three stocks so you can keep them for life time

Tiến Đạt Vũ says:

Sound like Peter Lynch! Thank you

Stay Humble says:

17 and taking notes :). Sorry I’m a noob to this.

Guillaume Dion says:

hi! great blog! what do you mean by listening by listening to conference calls? is it really necessary?

whmozart says:

it would be great to see you actually do this with an example?

jake black says:

You said you look for companies with a P/E below 17 and if it is a fast growing company you are willing to go higher, but never above 50. How do you relate above average growth to tolerable increases in P/E? Do you use PEG?

Investfly says:

Very informative video…

Stupid Southern Girl says:

can u show how you invest. I mean on the website what do u do. thank you again

mani singh says:

True there are many companies producing profits every year, but may not last as technology advances.

Otis Clayton says:

During the video you stated that we should look at the “10 K” when looking at the business. Would you clarify what that is or did I misunderstand?

Ashley Bogdan says:

Hey so I know this may seem like a strange question because you are making all these videos (which are very helpful btw, thank you for making these!), but I was wondering, do you think that doing research online to learn about the stock market and watching videos like this really give enough information to be successful in investing? Did you go to college to learn all these things? What would you recommend to someone who may be really interested in this?

a64750 says:

Trend is your friend. No chart pattern video.

طلال بن عبدالعزيز says:

is gopro a buy ?

Stupid Southern Girl says:

great video thank you.

Mark Adrian Ratuita says:

Hi love how you give ideas how to invest in the stockmartket and i just started recently so it GREATLY HELPS ME TO KMOW MORE KEEP IT UP FROM The Philippines Thanks

Financial Education says:

12 Part Course for Stock Options Trading Mastery. All serious investors must understand options and this course will teach you everything you need to know. Enjoy!

VJ Aesthetics says:

Can the “income statement” also be known as a financial statement? and where can one find the PE ratio?

Devrhoid Davis says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Jeremy. I guess I need to update my article on my Seven Pillars for Successful Value Investing

kreteman777 says:

What about technical analysis? Do you factor that into your entry point?

oivas2010 says:

Hi thank you for the video. I find Conference calls boring. Is it really worth it to listen to them to make a final decision on investing ina company?

Aaron Shaefer says:

Awesome video. I wish I followed these steps early in my career, which would have aaved me alot of losses. I think the last step should be patiently waiting and look at technical analysis to buy.

Anthony Salfity says:

A blindfolded person can throw a dart and make money in the market right now

Hassan Aveiro says:

Would you invest in a company with a Minus P/E ratio like say -2.3 or is that a red flag?, Anyways great videos, I introduced you’re channel to my Friends who are also into Stocks.

Brenden says:

Bruh when you said and now we do the deep dive..
mah hart. mah soul.
I fucking love information gathering.

Hassan Aveiro says:

Would you invest in a company with a Minus P/E ratio like say -2.3 or is that a red flag?, Anyways great videos, I introduced you’re channel to my Friends who are also into Stocks.

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