How to Figure out if a Stock is Worth Buying

How to quickly determine if a stock is undervalued or overvalued. This video shows exactly how to know when a stock is priced low. Also covered in this video are dividends and dividend yield.



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gertjan verhecken says:

what’s your advice on GE? The share price went down a lot, but they also cut the dividend in half.

Zack bear says:

I am wondering how is your portfolio doing. Mind sharing your returns over the years ?

kreteman777 says:

Buy low. Wow…. I’m blown away!

B. L. Peterson says:

One of the best videos on current investing I have seen on the internet. This is indeed helpful and could make a smart guy rich in no time. Mmmmmm!? We’ll see! -Bert LaVey-Author of The Book Of Satan

imEnkel says:

Price/Earnings ratio is a much better one number metric to judge a companies value.

Ole-Kristian Jacobsen says:

This is such a bad and misleading video. Dont listen to this man he has no idea what he is doing.

Ya Deng says:

What are those stocks don’t pa dividends? They have no value?

ProficientWarrior says:

So Yahoo finance looks a bit different today. Instead of seeing a “div&yield” I’ll see a “forward annual yield” which currently is at 3.89%
The 5 year average dividend yield is at 2.81
So if I’m assuming the forward annual yield would be the “div&yield” of what is shown on the video. The current stock for IBM would be undervalued, correct? Or would I need to follow “trailing annual dividend yield” which currently is at 3.75% ?

jay wright says:

thank you.

The AshBrothers says:

Nice video

Miya Yahlana says:

u are the best I overstand now

Ella and Meghan says:

I am checking 8 EFTs and stocks I have in TD Ameritrade with as shown in your video, but none of them clearly say “current dividend yield” or “Ave dividend yield” like your examples show. Are there other phrases in the current yahoo format that mean the same thing? Also, how can I be sure a stock or EFT pays dividends?

ZZ ZZ says:

Amen brother on a video, like you said no dividents dont bother buying the stock. I want my D-I-V-I-D-E-N-T-S. Great point – if it not exceeding presently in div return forget about it. I have read the comments and love the so called EXPERTS who question the author and his point of view,

Tenmark says:

Hey! Does the dividend remain same after the alteration of share prices?

Angus Wiebe says:

Raising dividends is great, but in troubled financial times the question is how it is being financed. If they are raising equity at the same time… could be a poor idea. Or if they could be using the money to fuel growth without debt instead of paying it out in dividends, it may be a better long-term strat for shareholders.

Dariusz PRZYWALNY says:

I like to do both fundamental and technical analysis, combining the two can result in great picks, but it’s a long learning curve to get there, no shortcuts.

Cameron Schulz says:

Thank you, I am 14 years old and I have decided to start learning about the stock market and this video has given me a ton of help understanding the complexity of the stock market and becoming a stock trader

Tijiani Musa says:

Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

Nishan Ghimire says:

I saw your portfolio…too many stocks are there in that portfolio ..33 stocks .can you give me why you bought so many stocks and went for extreme diversification ?

Roberto Alvarado says:

nice presentation bro. very educational, good work

Dimitris Zarmakoupis says:

Great job

JARVHD says:

Usually only big cap companies provided a dividend so can you do a video on whether or not a low cap stock is worth buying

Nereus says:

this is stupid, dividends change according to share prices

Zeperd gaming says:

but like you divide by the stock price it the same if you dont divide it

Mark says:

What’s your profit of the last 5 years (in percentage)?

Russell Coward says:

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Shakib Sami says:


Johnny Montana says:

Put 5k into a company only to get 250 per year lol what am suppose to do with that kind of money. So how many millions I have to put into a company so every year I get a return of a least 50k to pay all my bills for the year

Solomon Ultra says:

But many companies like netflix and google do not show their dividend yield it says N/A

melvin stynch says:

It’s not a divident , it’s a dividend


My Yahoo Finance page does not match yours, it does not have the 5 year dividend average, where are you finding this?

Odysseas V says:

Hello guys, I’m pretty new in the trading business and I have few questions:

DIVIDENDS, if you hold shares of a company for long-time period, do you get paid dividends every year no matter how the share value is going? how does this work?

BUY&HOLD, what do you suggest about it, buy shares and sell when? or buy and if it goes well year after year, keep it and get paid from dividends(so never sell) ?

Any other tip would be appreciated for such a beginner.


hadley bayley says:

I immediately thought your logic is flawed, to read there are many in agreement. Are you just trying to sound smart to make money on your channel?

Bob Davis says:

this guy is not giving you anything, he wants you to buy his vids,books and packages.

MeLissa New York says:

Actually listened to the full video .. Enjoyed it

j4beRt0 says:

there is nothing simple in investing. you are feeding lies to these poor people

sha p says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video , one of the best video i have come across in my 10 yrs of stock market journey …hats off ….truly knowledge is wealth

A run says:

Thank you soo much ! This is so great to learn for beginners! It will also be nice if u explain what is dividend / yield. These are basically investments and I believe it doesn’t help with day trades ?

Mr Frank says:

When the prices go down when company does not pay dividend. The prices goes down but dividend remains same is imaginary or explaining in the way you want kind of thing.

Randall's Rest & Relaxation says:

Great video! Any new year specials for you investing course?

komix gaming says:

Can you buy more shares than the company’s worth?

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