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Jerry Nix says:

Hey Ricky I would like to thank you for all of the excellent videos! I’ve been learning quite a bit from watching you but have a long way to go before I start trading.

Stay Humble says:

Can you render videos in 1080p pls? If you can 4K. That would be great

Laney L. says:

Hello, New here! Thanks so much for the videos. I’ve been watching them for about a month and learning about stocks. I’m currently learning to use the Bollinger bands and vwap. Right now I’m watching INNT and I think it looks like it’s indicating an upward trend at 16.44 bouncing off the vwap line. I was considering making my first buy using this method. Anyone else watching this stock?

Kamala Kannan says:

Which trading platform do u use

Oregon TradeUnion says:

Am I right that your strategy based on the strong level (support and resistance) and volume of stock?
Do you trade stocks with div/history such as KO, F, AES?

Nolan Abell says:

What’s the best way to use robinhood if you only have $100

Nolan Abell says:

Ricky do you ever short sell?

brandon gomez says:

What is this program u use called?

Rope riders Safety 1rst says:


jmanxoom says:

Can you make your videos under 8mins please ?

antony llamocca says:

you should make your videos more shorter and to the point, such a waste of time

ItsPlanB NL says:

What do you think of investing in companies that are revealing quarterly results soon and of which the stock prices have risen a lot in the concerning months? For example Dollar Tree is releasing their 2017 annual results this wedsnesday and their stock price has risen a lot during 2017. Is this a sign that the price will rise drastically on wednesday after the results have been published?

Elkan Nelson says:

Im a new investor with $100 on Robinhood. Nothing special just learning and building as best i can. Often i want to cover profits in the same day that i buy…but am limited because i cant be a day trader. Should i just be patient through dips? I see that i could do better but feel limited

MoneyManFernando says:

I think your title should be Making Money Trading Stocks not investing in stocks. When I hear the word investing I think long term. Basically you are a day trader. ??

Firefang 13 says:

i want to invest in marijuana

Freedom Show says:

ugaz selling off 57.40 right now

ItsPlanB NL says:

Hi Ricky I see you’ve had Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) on your watchlist for a long time. What are you waiting for before buying it and could you cover it in one of your videos?

Hunter Hammonds says:

slow the tempo man. it sounds like i’m learning from a machine gun.

VallyArmy says:

i fell asleep with a stop loss that was never triggered, and ended the day up $600 after ofcourse an amazing nap lol

Lee genius says:

Broo I feel like you should put the energy more towards the charts because I feel like it’s more on you and your voice. Also I feel you talk to fast. I watch all your videos dude if that matters to you but I actually want you to go slower and not to fast. Thanks

themadhatter196 says:

I think drip is showing way better signs than gush

So0 Ran-d0m says:

You guys didn’t pick up NUGT? really showing a reverse trend upward good risk/reward ratio…

MoneyManFernando says:

Do you basically just trade leveraged funds ??

Mike Chu says:

yeaaah boy! I called out UAN this morning on discord. Nice. Sadly didn’t have shares myself hahaha.

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