How to buy your first share of stock

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That'sHow says:

Really brilliant video, thank you so much. I’m about to start my portfolio soon.

Hannah Solomon says:

Thank you for this video! I’ve been wanting to buy stocks for years but didn’t know how to do it. Immediately after watching your video, I opened an Ameritrade account and purchased my first stock. I also shared this video with family and posted it to Facebook. Thanks for all you do!

Ray Love Window Cleaning Service says:

Yo, I didn’t like this Video, I loved it! So Informative , Thanks!

J H says:

What type of account is this?

OldGeezer 255 says:

I’m 15 age don’t matter lol

iLLest Tv says:

Glad its a black man doing this but this isn’t an ACCURATE tutorial on how to invest in stock properly at all. Please pick up a book instead of going to YouTube for the easy way out

Davina Sims says:

Would it be a problem if I posted this on my blog?

Cristian Carrillo says:

What is the fee for buying and selling on Ameritrade?

banggangtookamane says:

will i ever have to pay a debt if something goes wrong within my investment?

ZuZu King says:

Great review!!! Thanks really helpful. Im 26yrs old and just making my way into the stock market. Wish me well!

Tyrone Brown says:

Very impressive…

Ashton 09 says:

Can I call the Ameritrade 800 # instead of opening account online?

Ruby P says:

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Joey Kauffman says:

If I were to get an account on Ameritrade, how would I deposit money to the account?

Andrew Goldermann says:

How do you make an account for your kid like you said

Glory Hilla says:

The Octavia strategy is amazing, i recently got introduced to it and i have gotten results already you can search about it on google for more information it is owned by Alekk Ivanov.

fudge off says:


Chrislee Ipiri says:

can i buy stocks even if I am from a third world country?

ecoasis1 says:

Thank you Dr. Boyce! At 55, I’m still learning and can’t thank you enough for you being a man of integrity. You explain things that can be perceived as complicated, and break them down for us common working folk to understand and apply. GOD keep you and continue to bless you with wisdom and great health Sir! Thanks always!!!

WorldPain4 says:

How can you transfer the money from your Ameritrade to your bank account?

categories21 says:

This is amazing! I have started yesterday and bought stocks which I don’t understand! But now .. this is very clear! I’m getting excited! You’re so great!

Raspberry Honey says:

I need help to start off…

Ryan G says:

Learn the stock market here

Ebony Hayes says:

Radio one Inc., the only black owned business that went public on the stock exchange & they fail to represent! I give you props for throwing charity yo but that’s a dyin’ horse. Appreciate the vid for “all” people’s watching.

Dirk Diggler says:

Now I have a quick question, would you consider yourself a day trader or just someone who goes into it every now and then? I’ve been watching all these videos and I’m fascinated by the different types of strategies and types of traders. Also do you use marginal trading or use leverage in your TD account?

Gage Paulman says:

Very insightful… forgot to mention that AmeriTrade also charges about $7.00 per trade. That’s a wasted $7.00 that could go towards $19 Twitter stock… it’s no longer $19 it’s $26

ac3tr4in3rr3d says:

Hey I had a question really quick so the 14000 you have you can just send that money to your account whenever you want? And is it a good idea to send all that money to your account since you will still own all that stock thanks for the reply

Ato says:

Lol much bs here. I’m not trying to hate, but for starters, you can’t just buy and hold forever. And also, most order executions these days are performed by market maker computer programs. Only a few commodity or large institutional orders are done by actual human brokers on the floors. If you’re just trading 100 shares at a time, your order should be filled IMMEDIATELY if the market is open and if the stock has enough liquidity or volume

A M says:

Ok, so im new to trading. I want to do both d.r.i.p and day to day selling. What would be the best place to join? Is Ameritade the best place to start? Do they take a fee from you?

Sheedow says:

I really appreciate this tutorial. Everything was explained perfectly and every detail i found extremely important to note. I will start building my wealth as soon as I’m 100% sure I’m ready for it. Thank you sir!

Roger Thornhill says:

I enjoy your videos. Thank you
Qs regarding self employment and I would like to start a SEP or retirement account . Is it possible to see something up that is safe and risk free while earning income ?

Revolution97 says:

I live in Curacao and cannot make an acc on this site fffs

mpreyesmr says:

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Noanlin Kwon says:

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Jaspreet Sassun says:

What is the expiry date option shares. nobody talks about that in these vidoes. maybe that is only there in New Zealand stocks.

Legit Gamers says:

So if you make money you can take it out of your account and transfer it to your bank etc right?

spey978 says:

i have a dumb question that i never get a clear understanding. what happens to shareholder when the company loses moneys, does a shareholder loses moneys from their bank as in some amount of percentage as well?

Esther Sparks says:

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This is only for the US right?

Jenay08 says:

Free stock to start Always due diligence before investing. Robinhood is great for beginners. They offer commission free trade and a large range of reputable and growing company’s.

Regina Knight says:

I Would wish to how to buy your first shares with safaricom.

JOHNNYLAW007 says:

48 white… thanks one of the best videos ive seen to describe and help… thanks!! hope your stocks do well…I shall start today in stocks!!!

Sony Lamour says:

thanks man you are or could be a very good teacher…thanks a lot bro…

Emphase says:

Excellent video. Is TD Ameritrade your favorite platform for buying stocks? I have been looking into others, but I really liked how you explained everything and it looked pretty user friendly.

Dale Rider says:

I am disillusioned right at the beginning. This is the first video I have clicked on – ever – and in 2 seconds I find out it is, basically, geared to help Black people. I do not understand this. Why would you not be trying to help every one? Every one’s channeling money to you to help them is MAKING MONEY for you! So, what’s the deal. You don’t want to do business with a white man??

Kareem Colebrooke says:

if I put money in a stock and it goes down a bit does that mean I loss money I won’t get back, or over time it can come back

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