How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Investing | Penny Stocks


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Lambchop0822 says:

What trading platform is this?

The Crust says:

Almost all of the questions people are asking in this thread are asked many times and almost all of them have been answered in his past videos or by doing a simple google search. smh. Don’t be lazy. Look it up! How would you like to have to answer the same few questions a million times a day?!

DJ Ingram says:

Im 16 and i only have 200$ in my account. Is that enough to start?

Awkward Pickups says:

Your intro is like a commercial opener

Dillon Vaughan says:

3:05 “convert the one thousand dollars into a thousand dollars” lmao

Adam Bolden says:

What’s the minimum I should have to start using a margin account

John Keating says:

Thanks so much Ricky!!!!! Thanks for educating us!!! You deserve all great things!!! I’m in the middle of learning from the techbuds.


Jonnatan Salazar Tunubalá says:

saludos tienes videos en español

TheMixxChannel says:

Hey..I have an 50 yr old disabled uncle on SSI. How can I help invest part of his 900 a month income to over 70 – 100k a year? Is it possible?

Manuel J says:

Would this impact my on my taxes at the end??

dtabest100 says:

Is there a link to find the training for trading while in saving my mom to open up a real account?

djwaters22 says:

I have almost 50k to use for stocks. How many stocks would you suggest I purchase?

Kai Hang says:

trust, his jewish

diablosmvpGQ says:

You made this way too complicated

mike phillips says:

I’m interested in some information and tips on trading.


pls teach me

Rich Rod says:

I got more than a stack…way more ..’

p. perez says:

U can’t just put like $500 nd slow it grow the money into that account except of putting 1k right away?

Abdallah Anwar says:

If you are making all this money, why are there ads on your vids? I hate these click bait vids.

Mohamad Ahmad says:

Your videos are amazing. thanks a lot for sharing.

MoneyManFernando says:

I know there are a lot of variables but since you are talking about this how much money do you think a person needs to have in their account to make about $ 3,000 a month ??

NVSTY_302 says:

What’s the name of the app you said to train? I couldn’t understand you.

Angelina Dickson says:

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Tha Libra Fraudster says:

Is it possible to start with nothing?

Josh Matthew says:

Sometime the obvious is the most helpful thanks for the video.

Silverdot Haxor says:

The problem is you’re putting your entire account at risk. I may have 1K to make $50 a day at 5% growth even with 80% profit/win rate. I guess the amounts are assumed with stop loss orders in place stopping you from blowing your account?

Rich Rod says:

lol…ok why dont you talk about how you started….

Christopher Townsel says:

I’ve had terrible luck with penny stocks. I try to find some on an upward trend and buy a large amount of its stocks and sell when they increased in value but they always tank after I buy in.

Harish Karunakaran says:

This guy gives me zombie Shawn Mendes vibes but great vid!

Haiden G says:

tl;dr If you’re family is wealthy, you’ll stand a better chance.

If you’re broke, you’re going to struggle.

Also, I invested in BTC when it first hit the scene, and… years later, I found some files , ie a .wallet file, and then after further research, I found seed words. Im a bit confused on how to handle it, could use some advice, other than someone telling me to send them what I have… Im not that naive.

corgidog says:

._. So just buy when the price is low then wait for the price to inevitably go Up? Or buy a shit load of stock in apple when they release an unpopular product then sell when they release the next iPhone? Seems easy enough.

Kendrick Levi says:

He looked like Butthead with those braces.

Clarence Ehondor says:

I’m new looking to start trading, is 24 option a broker that I can use to trade but still follow your teachings

Brad Szalach says:

penny stocks old news, alt coin trading with BTC-USD is money maker now

brandon fernandez says:

I don’t know who this person is, but this is a FANTASTIC idea! Your great! Liked and subscribed!your one of my 3 subcribers btw. I put 25$ in towards saving this morning. I don’t have great income but I’m going to look into what you’re offering. Thanks!

Austin199Monster says:

Is thinkorswim free? I want to paper trade but the phone apps seem to be lacking a lot so id like to use a legitimate software. I have found the thinkorswim website through ameritrade but I am just not sure if there are hidden fees, or any fees at all. Thank you for any help/advise.

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