How I Pick Stocks to Invest In

Todays video is how I pick stocks to invest in. I talk about the most important things when I invest in the stock market.
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Aztec Lordu says:

that sc looking real good lol

Sedat Zerlen says:

Josh Lion says:

right right right right right right right

Preciƨe says:

I was an undergrad in school & this was my first week but I withdrew from the semester because I’m an entrepreneur & I will create a successful business & invest in real-estate in the future. I might enroll in school later in life if I need too but for now, I’m not wasting my time for 4 years learning useless things with 60k+ in debt.

45138449 says:

Great video!! Bravo Jeremy!!

Sachin Kohli says:

Amazing tips! thanks a lot

Paul Garcia says:

I flip a coin to choose by stocks

Ruman Ch says:

Thank you for being a great advisor.

Jorge Glez says:

What app do you use to trade stocks on your iPad?

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

make a video why ford is going down.

Sagar Sridhar says:

Got headache man .. 🙁

GrimTheDemon says:

Snapchat is blowing up. Hold my beer, I’m going in

Samrana Khadim says:

Thanks for the info , u r a gratvtecher but could u plz make a video on pe thing? It’s very complicated to understand!

JKRhodes94 says:

Should of said how the media can also effect a stock!

*stock market channel*

The Investor says:

Who did the music to your videos? Nice beat!

Swole Savage says:

Jeremy what P/E are you looking for when you actually buy though? Trailing vs forward.

Cyberworld 7 says:

You forgot Google own Android

Video watcher says:

Thank you for doing this video

Mustafa Abdin says:

Great video

backspace4353 says:

Blue chips and always stay away from Reits and LP’s. buy KO PG BA T DIS GM LMT and now you can buy WFC.

Sam Palmer says:

really good information

JM7 says:

i got kicked out my football team 🙁 help

datboidude says:

Love your vids!

Jean Claude Gat Damn says:

Jeremy do you print out the 10K and 10Q, balance sheet and what not or is it easier to read them on a tablet or something of that sort?

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