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Chris Egan says:

Can you do more vlogs they are so good

Norberto Otero says:

Love your instructions and the added value you offer. Thank you so much.

Tmanning47 says:

What is the green line called exactly?

Chris Egan says:

I made 30,000 today paper trading dgaz

FunTIMEZ says:

lick my balls you phoney….

francis corriveau says:

Can you look at the stock RNX and WM from TSX , both of them find alot of gold RNX has the biggest nuggets ever found, can you write me your feedback because i have alot of money there

Dance Party says:

Don’t you make 11k a day or you just earn $500 in a certain stock?

Parker Moss says:

In GOOG @1,170.00

Smoof5 says:

Ricky I have yet to see ANYONE use Discord Light Theme. You are a mad lad!

Ruslan Novikov says:

Can you advise me:how much money do I need to start? Is 100$ enough?

Tai Lopez says:

Since Im 17 if i use my social security to make a robinhood account would they know im not 18? i was day trading and got banned for 90 days buying any stocks on my other account. So sad too because imup $2500 and never had a red day yet and want to keep it going…also a another question, if there is a drop followed by a pull back and dip but doesnt hit support line and follows a cup and handle pattern after that i see that it always spike up. Is this true for every stock? Ive never seen a stock that did that and dip down

Easy Ways To Make Free Money says:

Awesome video dude

SJJ says:

Its unrealistic for me to think about making $500 a day rn since Im trading $200 on a cash acc.

orange lyghts says:

Video starts at 3:00

FWNDaniel says:

What app are you using for trade?

Tommy Liu says:

can I open a stock account as an non-citizenship?

William Clooney says:

Ntgr starting new uptrend
breaking from 5 day consolidation.

Eythan 21 says:



I am member of LPP ricky. When I download paper trading for TOS . it is different from what I see on your screen

The Drake says:

9:21 lmao

Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos says:

Nice gains my man!

ZipTrader says:

Ricky, keep the good information coming. Huge inspiration!

Mr Poppit says:

He has eyes like Mark Zuckerberg…Souless

Jawad Sabir says:

Hey what trading app do you use to buy and sell stocks

Ade Bratajaya Pradana says:


EnderSheep says:

Give me 100$ I need v bucks

Chris Bandz says:

Up +$2800 on VXRT

Mr Vannthien VDO says:


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