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Luuk Louwerse says:

hey, I am 17 years old and from the Netherlands, I am now focused on ethereum but it keeps getting down. I would love to trade daily but don’t know with what and how . does anyone have any tips about what I have to do? thanks in advance.

Bennett Tindle says:

And all time lows in gold are much lower than that

Bennett Tindle says:

Don’t forget to keep your eye on natural gas when trading DGAZ and UGAZ

itsokyoucanlaugh says:

holy shit. so glad i found you. you’re the man dude. can’t wait to learn more about the process.

That Dude says:

Ricky your living the life very successful guy

David Bond says:

Inspiring video the $60 vs $11000… cool stuff

orapronobis says:


Catlike Diva says:

Thank you! Very few honest ones like you out there.

The Maker says:

Is there a Certain age you need to be to invest

Jonathan Martinez says:

Hey Ricky I am new to your channel and Facebook group! Your videos are helping me get a better understanding of how trading works. I look forward to being a successful day trader and someday joining your team

Sean Douglas says:


Meyou69in _ says:

You should go back to being free. That was the best part about your channel

David Tran says:

What software are you using for the trading graphs ?

victor says:

I can’t wait til I’m 18 for the mean time I’m going to learn and paper trade in November 🙂

rory quijs says:

Thanks for all that you do , you are a begin point for the rest of my life . To become a real fulltime trader . When i have reached the point i call myself succesfull , i will thank you in person . Wish you all the best and again thank you !

Anonymous says:

Jubilee, Congrats!! Sup Rick I get $1,000 or so a day but where does the $10,000 come from?

Cell Phones says:

On Jubliee, he talked about making 6-7M a year
hahaha such a funny lie

Giovanni Lamour says:

Talk about China and Chinese stocks/ETFs. Gxc fxi bill baba

Bennett Tindle says:

200% profit in an hour today on my AMZN short, good times. Keep it up Ricky

Michael Dacon says:

thanks again Ricky! Solid day today!

André Mariano says:

guys if you’re thinking about getting in LPP. even with no ref link I can tell you. get in. ricky is the path to consistency 🙂

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