How I made $2000 on Robinhood – RIETs and Cannabis Stocks

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I got you a free stock for holidays on Robinhood. It could be Apple, Ford, or Sprint! Make sure you join using my link.

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In this Video: How I made $2000 on Robinhood? Slow and Steady with RIETs and Cannabis Stocks.

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Luke Miller says:

Wow, great job trying to make a YouTube video in order to get free stocks lol

King Reko says:

Put in Ryans5820 for a free stock on Robinhood app.

Bruce Wannng says:

I got you a free stock for holidays on Robinhood. It could be Apple, Ford, or Sprint! Make sure you join using my link.

Keyon Ricketts says:

Just subbed you Fam, keep up the good grind!

B1nkBallot8ii0 says:

Lol but I made $3 k in 2 days in Sony call

maxjoey sirrock says:

That’s the idea I’m trying to do the same thing

Wally Morris says:

Strange. You use #blessed yet make money from marijuana. I wouldn’t call that “blessed”.

Mike Jason says:

Can you use RobinHood in Canada? Because theres no app for it and im wondering if you can use it on a laptop or something.
Please let me know thank you!!

ScytheTrooper rr says:

Is anyone under 18 doing this?

Nate Frig says:

Bruce Wannng, more like Bruce Wayne

B1nkBallot8ii0 says:

Great vid tho lol

Joshua Bunyan says:

Robin Hood does charge frees now.

Vicente Martinez says:

Statum Global

Angie Stones Ph.D. says:

I joined Robinhood in December and now understand what is going on. I am (was) good index trader, but it is too risky now, so trying stocks. What I don’t understand is how are dividends paid (I didn’t have any yet because I got yearly dividend stocks). Does Robinhood pay directly to the bank or just keeps it in Robinhood because I know they don’t reinvest. Thanks.

Akeem Ward says:

Congrats lil nig, I’m at 337

ButterCuppxx says:

So if it sits in your robinhood account , how do you withdraw it ?

Bobby Lee says:

For anyone signing up for Robin Hood use my link well both get free stocks!!!

Mick Acacio says:

Just want to know how can i receive my dividends? Ive been investing for couple of months, still haven’t receive any. I already checked my account history, and filter to dividends. I see nothing. Thank you for the answer.

Dot Com says:

Consider splv another monthly etf sp500

Dr Minimalist says:

Title is misleading but cool video brotha

HouseofAnime says:

stupid af lol

Themrajester2 says:

Just started, use my inv code help a brother out and help ya self

I ASK says:

So that means that since you have $2000 dollars in your account, whenever you need that money, can you get it back into your bank? Or you can’t ever get that money back?

Tek Chao says:

Did robinhood can buy international stocks ( China, Japan, Singapore, European) like that or not?

Dajour Livingston22 says:

I’m try this app. Hope to gain 15k in stocks.

Jk0f1 Music says:

Someone said invest in cannabis yesterday. Someone else that doesn’t even know them today said get to Robinhood app and invest in cannabis. I think God is telling me invest in cannabis. Might have to quit smoking it and spend 300 a month investing instead. Do I want to be high 24/7 or rich? Ahhhh, choices in life. Choices. So hard.

B1nkBallot8ii0 says:

You didn’t make $2000 you put $2000 in stocks

barton694 says:

The people saying he is click baiting dont know much.

Sherwiza Filmz says:

This hurts to watch

임수혁 says:

You did not make $2000!!!

raihan shaik says:

Great video…

Jennifer G says:

Good for you!

PETER - Tech Review/ Vlogging says:

HI, I’m new to this so how dividends work? and do we have to pay any taxes when selling?

t Cruz says:

How many times can you buy, sell or trade per day?

Bobby Yeck says:

Love it!! That is my plan, long term dividend ladder and some day trading 🙂

Merp says:

why are you click baiting like this?
you made 78 dollars in 3 months.
Just because you have a 2000 dollars in your account doesnt mean you made 2000 dollars

Keep it Me7o says:

I just subscribed! I just started robinhood on Christmas eve. My portfolio isnt really big ($662)

Joseph Morales says:

You should look at MFA and NLY – Ive been investing In these 2 riets for years .

midds85 says:

Word of advice for everyone…never chase yield. Almost guaranteed to to end up with capital depreciation. Having a decent yield is great, but when you start buying stocks to raise your yield you can get into trouble. It’s happened to me. When a company is paying a high yield and hard times come to the business the dividend is usually the first thing that gets cut. Just look at GE. Was paying a $.12 dividend per share and had a stock price of around $30. Hard times came and now its a $9 stock and only pays $.04 dividend per share.


I have been working on my robin hood app a lot

Jen Y says:

For someone that has literally learned in the past 24 hours what the terms stocks, bonds, dividends extra extra I completely understand your video. I just downloaded the app going to continue to educate myself a little more before I jump on the train. Thanks ❤

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