How I Invest In The Stock Market

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Lot’s of you have been asking about how to invest, how to get started investing or where you should invest your money. While I don’t want to say what you NEED to do, I can offer my investment decisions as an example!

Check out this video to see how I put money in the stock market, both for retirement and otherwise each year!

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Nunya83 says:

As someone mentioned in the comments, I would just be careful with the expense ratios. I found JL Collins stock series incredibly helpful

Bitcoin Hustle says:

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Case White says:

Traditional IRA is better for Rich people Who are in the top tax bracket as they will get taxed later on in life when they retire and don’t make so much money hence they will have a smaller tax rate percentage. Roth IRA is for people who want pretaxed investments that will gain compound interest over time and don’t want to hassle of getting taxed when they’re retired.

Michael - says:

i think you should stick to credit cards. Vanguard is obviously the better choice and it offers way more than what you mentioned. You just have to buy them. And you’re young, so no need for bonds yet.

Michael Savage says:

Thanks for the video! I have a Vanguard IRA Target Retirement 2050 fund which has a mix of index stocks and bonds. I noticed that you said that, at the beginning of each year, you invest $5,500 in your IRA, splitting it between Roth and Traditional. If I might offer some advise, I’d invest on a monthly basis instead of a yearly basis. The reason is that prices might be high at the time you make the purchase and you don’t get the benefit of buying stocks and bonds at lower prices throughout the year. Every month, I invest $458 in my IRA at the start of the month. Since we can’t predict what the market will do, this spreads out the purchases so that you pay an “average” price for your funds rather than a potential high price all at once. The method is called “dollar cost averaging.” I learned about it in the first investment book I read, “Millionaire Teacher,” by Andrew Hallam. He follows Warren Buffet’s advise. The book is short and simple, and it details how Andrew was able to attain a net worth of one million dollars by his late 30s, if you wanted to check it out for yourself. You have a great channel and continue meeting your financial goals!

Freckle Finance says:

I’m curious why you went from index investing to stocks as there is more than just the one index fund you mentioned with very low fees. My husband and I have our indexes in US, international and there’s even bond indexes. It does work out to be better on average than investing in individual stocks.

fumio46 says:

I was wondering why you only invest 5,500 between your two Betterment accounts. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you invest into your Wealthfront account and how is that taxable investment account different from all the other funds?

Infinity says:

Yo i just started youtube and i was just wondering if youd like to be one of my supporters of my channel only if you like my content of course itll be so cool having someone like you supporting the channel! Have a great day!

TheOfficialCV says:

Hello!!! So I have a question on what to do, I remember when I was 18 I opened a credit card with Old Navy but the catch is. I never got the card, and they never provided me with anything. So in total, it went to collection (now that I revised my account) but the amount is 0 and everything else is 0. I don’t know what to do? Should I dispute to get it taken off? Help!!

Asset Minds says:

Vanguard and Blackrock are the top index funds. Index funds are the best because of the low fees. I am fortunate to have a pension where I am 100% matched through my job. That is probably my only investment in paper assets for slow long term moderate growth I think I will ever have. I don’t trust the dollar or the market, so within the next few months I am most likely gonna open up a Gold or Silver IRA. These are great because of the tax advantages. I’m bringing this up to you because perhaps that is something you would like to consider in your portfolio as a hedge against paper assets. It is also a great long term, volatile, but slow growth investment. What you are saying is you are not a speculator, but a long term investor. If that is so, Although job security is great (but never guaranteed) and if you don’t speculate, what would be your short term advantage be? What would you consider so you are paying yourself at the end of the day and building more capital pays you income? Cash flow is important and if you can make that, your set. Anyways, I am no financial advisor etc etc. I just like sharing ideas and talking about this stuff cause it helps me learn more and become wiser. Your best asset is yourself and your income is your niche – Asset Minds

RiskyMath says:

Vanguard has international and bond investments.

D R says:

Gracias Yanely!!!

Kiara Catalan says:

Can you please do one with insurance it can be health insurance or car insurance etc

Carolina Ramirez says:

Love your videos!

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