How I INVEST in STOCKS and BITCOIN | Helpful Apps

Finally! INVESTMENT 101 CLASS! These are the apps I use to invest in stocks and cryptocurrency. Im not an expert, so please do research on your own before investing. These are just some things that I do in order to make a couple extra dollars every once in a while. Robinhood. Stash. Toast Wallet. Coinbase.

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RoadTrip Eddie says:

the careful what you say about Bitcoin, btc, as your very new at it. You don’t have a lot of experience in it yet. Just a few weeks back when you went to Spain you told me you knew nothing about it. Theres a right time to jump in and right time to jump out, you don’t want other newbies to get upset with you if you stear them wrong.
May I suggest Ivan on Tech. For some of the best info. I say this because I have friends that have 20K invested in btc, and in several of the cryptocurrencies. And they know what they’re doing.


Buy Low/Sell High is what Day Traders Do to Parlay Their Money AKA Gamble Their Money… The Steadfast Time Tested Investment Strategy The Biggest Players Play, as Well As Everyday People Who Choose to Have a Life Away From Watching Line Graphs Is “Dollar Cost Averaging”… DCA is the Investment Principal that 100% of The Forbe’s List of The World’s Richest, as Well as Normal People From Minimal Capital to Massive Capital… As Long As You Select Strong Companies. By the Time You Retire, The Buy High/Sell Low Day Traders Most Likely Retired from a Regular Career with Minimal Capital, while the DCA People Are Set Up… Be Frugal, Buy MOSTLY Needs Over Wants, and DCA for a Profitable Future… Exceptions DO Exist…

Julie Gurley says:

Would love to hear how you do your research.

C Mack says:

bitcoin….I have a friend whose parents work for the NSA….he was the first to tell me about bitcoin…as of late there are rumors that bitcoin is actually run by A.I…..don’t know if it is true, but this is the new currency, and I believe it won’t be much longer til we are completely paperless. I’d feel a bit strange using a currency whose actual backing is what? Gold standard, oil standard…gold was better, and that’s how the dollar was backed. Stocks and bonds I get…just a little nervous about the bitcoin. Great video.

dance d says:

this was SO useful ! i have wanted to get into this for a while but was having a hard time understanding, but this was helpful !!

Jimmy Pics says:

Excellent video. Really enjoyed the it.

Tim says:

If you want to know the future of Bitcoin I recommend you read about the tulip bulb market in the 1600’s. In 1636 the price of a tulip bulb skyrocketed because everyone wanted one. Then the day came when people wanted to cash out and discovered that there was no one left to sell to. The price crashed and everyone was left holding worthless tulip bulbs. At least they could plant them and look at the expensive flowers they bought. With Bitcoin all you’ll have is tears.

KnightOf Light says:

Crypto Currency scares me,but only because I haven’t really looked into buying it, Stockmarket is fun to dabble in, but like you said plz get more knowledge on it before you invest, great topic and video Chelsea

entramp says:

Love ur vids. For those that aren’t ‘comfortable’ trying to pick individual stocks, peeps should definitely look at ETF’s. Just search google. There are several funds that will stArt to invest in crypto. Coinbase is still the largest platform for buying and selling cryptos, but only three currently, Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin, however there are still many more that are being released. Bitcoin is the 800lb gorilla and was the first, and probably why is the most popular (first mover advantage) couple that with all the media hype, and only a limited amount of ‘coins’ that can EVER be mined, has appeal to people that want in on the action. I speak a little from experience being involved in tech, I did purchase coins back a couple of years ago when the price was less than a pair of sneakers. And how do you make money? You sell a fraction of your coins to grab some $$, or hold out and see if it will go higher. If you’re willing to gamble at this point, you can still get in on the ground floor with Litecoin and Etherium and also Bitcoin cash, which is a result of a ‘fork’, basically bitcoin spilt into two different entities or organizations. If you were ‘lucky’ enough to have purchased your bitcoins before the fork, you automatically received an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash. Maybe some would consider this a ‘spinoff’ or a split? For a great primer I would suggest and as I type this bitcoin has passed $14,154.88 Invest wisely and as someone here mentioned only invest what you can afford to loose. Crypto is one of the most speculative investments you can make these days!

sloburnnn says:

Very informative.

Demigod says:

On Wednesday, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered the popular
Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, to provide the IRS with information on over
14,000 account holders. I wouldn’t use Coinbase anymore.

RoadTrip Eddie says:

Your vids are always great, along with your awesome appearance and 5 star personable articulation with words.

Pancake and Pug says:

This video really helps a lot! Thank you so much for making it. My husband and I are wanting to dabble in stocks, and this gave me the confidence I need! I would love for you to do more “financial” type videos.

Ashley Ward says:

I reallllyyyyy want to see a video of you ans bank. Like, commands, tricks, stuff like that!!!

Bill Clisham says:

So you got the beauty and the brains!!

jfish147 says:

I don’t have any money invested in stocks, bonds, index funds or crypto. I guess I am screwed. I focus on two things: business sales and tax avoidance. Get money, Keep money and multiply money.

David Smith says:

Thank you Chelsea, I was wondering how the cryptocurrency worked.

Samuel says:

I’ll be more than happy to tell you or teach you how to make money with cryptocurrencies. Besides trading it

BT2 says:

very useful vid

angie webb says:

Thanks! I’ve been wondering what the whole bitcoin deal was all about. Now I kinda get it lol. Must do some research. Like doing stocks. Understand is a lot easier than Crypto Currency.

Xpndble1 says:

All the comments miss one important thing, saving money always makes sense ! If you’re young (20’s)and you start saving consistently it will serve you well in the long run. Also, always heed Warren Buffett’s advise, buy stocks you know and recognize social trends. Anyone could have recognized Microsoft, Apple, or Google. Right now Roku is hot, every college student has one.

Arvia Churchwell says:

Thank you for this awsome video. Would you be willing to help me personally. i would like to learn more and more about stock.

colleen bloomhuff says:

Thank you for this information I always wanted to learn about these things

sean mann says:

She is smart, financially savvy and GORGEOUS . Oh to be 30 years younger, good looking, in shape, college educated and whatever else may catch her eye.

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