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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


Dontee Weaver says:

Do you set to buy as soon as the market opens? Exp. Every Monday set to buy one share at market value when the market opens, or do you buy at a specific time?

Also how many different positions are you holding in your portfolio for the long term as of now?

Frank Lemonakis says:

This is something I’ve learned over time of buying at regular intervals and catching good stocks with good fundamentals on the dips. Question, I have 1400 shares of Hlth , nobilis health which I bought at 1.34 and is now at 1.80. It will move up and down all day long some days at 1.85, some 1.90 and then fall back to 1.80 is this a base or what they call the bounce and can I expect to see it jump up to a new level. Zacks rank # 1 strong buy with overall A rating for some time now.

Rafee Hammons says:

New investor here, how much did you start out with Robinhood? Doesn’t have to be an exact number. Thanks for all the info you share!

Jason Payne says:

U need to sell target stock. Target is finished. The whole gender identity bathroom fiasco…

Joseph Vigil says:

Can’t wait for my portfolio to look similar to yours. Exciting

djfusion57 says:

If you keep buying using the dollar cost averaging, would you suggest the need to put stop limit on every share bought over time?

Yael Daniel says:

this is a good explanation. I was just waiting until the price is below my previous purchase price. I was calling it buy it on sale lol.

PushtheSnoozeButton says:

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me :/ I hope you remember your (subscribers) Robins!

Mari G says:

Good explanation of dollar cost averaging. Thanks!

Dontee Weaver says:

What’s a good balance of cash vs stock to have? Example: (2 to 1) $2k of liquid cash to $1k stock or 50/50 or something else?

Thank in advance for any information

payshuntz 1 says:

the first self made millionaire from robinhood coming soon!!!!!

littlebigmarc says:

You need first to have 100k in there first. Someone like me who has only 1k lol so 15k is not feasible

payshuntz 1 says:

good time to buy AVEO

Carlos Rivera says:

I always like watching your vids, great info.

Dennis Porras says:

Any news on the cccr stock?

Rasta Hodge says:

So, Value cost, dollar cost vs Dividend capture? which would you preferred. by the way, i really improved with the dividend capture. Thanks for all the info!

Christopher Clayton says:

You must have been feeling lucky to have 2996 shares of Ford!

Relaxation Soundwaves says:

I made $1,700 today off of CARA. What would you say about that stock?

dan zimmerman says:

What is interest payment under the history I just noticed it today in my account today

martha shevchenko says:

After trying out on my demo account with IQ option winning 90% of almost all trades using the martingale strategy. i decided to trade a live account starting with $1k which i ended up blowing up in a day LOL. anyway long story short i had to get some pro account manager to work my account and at least now i get 85% wins and cash out some good $$$ on week ends.
wish y’all goodluck in trading.

D D says:

bro, how much would you want per month for me to just copy cat your buys? Then we all get rich. win/win. (Serious question)

Danyal A. says:

So, you don’t primarily make profit from trade, you make profit from dividends?

Yevgeniy Spiridonov says:

Great video, all the time, I’m doing the same, buy , hold, collect dividends. Sometimes swing trade. But most of the time, hold and collect dividends. Thank you for your video. P.s what you think about Pfizer?!

Ralph Carpio says:

I found this video valuable. Thank you!

Joseph Hernandez says:

Hey I’m new to the channel, I’m 19 years old and I just closed my first deal in real estate. should I invest 1/3 of my earnings or not ?

mier says:

Good strategy! Any news on the SPHD dividend capture? I bought a lot of shares yesterday and definitely went up.

Jonathan Chan says:

Hey, I’m a new sub and really enjoy your videos. I was wondering why you bother buying only one share of many different stocks. Thanks

got tech says:

To Robinhood portfolio I have a question did you use your dividends to reinvest into more stocks what did you come out of your pocket to invest in more stocks especially the ones with the most shares

Kevin Rana says:

I’m at 12.78% for the month

Noe Dimas says:

you should make a video day trading, ive notice there isn’t any using the robinhood app.

Stubrok says:

Thoughts on Grainger (GWW)? Looks to be on sale right now, down 25% the past year. Looks like the downturn is due to company restructure.

Blake Knight at Knight says:

You remind me of John Madden, he would have the whole damn tv screen covered in drawings. Back to you Pat. Like the videos

Danyal A. says:

Fords stocks will take a hit because of the carbon monoxide issue with their cop cars.

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