Dividend Investing! – Dividend Stocks!

Dividend Investing in dividend stocks. On the financial education channel we know about dividend investing and dividend stocks. I will teach you what are dividends and how to invest in dividend paying stocks. I hope you enjoyed the video all about dividends.

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Alex Silcock says:

He lies 4:06 saying 10 million is gonna be hard to save up. Last time i checked you just ask your dad for a small loan

Éliphas Lévi says:

Hi, which site did you use where you could see Apple’s historical dividends?

Bryan Murillo says:

where can i buy stocks that pay dividend (websites)

Apple Crider says:

Thanks for the great info on dividend stocks! Decided to come back here for a refresher as I rebalance my portfolio. My top 2 dividend stocks right now are WYNN and Apple!
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gchsbus says:

I completely disagree investing dividends back into the same company or another high yield dividend stock! The income you receive from dividends should ONLY be your income to do whatever you want with it. If you keep buying stock with your dividends, you are defeating the purpose of buying the stock. Buy stock only with money you receive from your hard work from working or from an investment or retirement account. Everytime you receive a dividend, pay off debt or an expense. Thats how you reap the benefits.

Lorraine R says:

Thanks for all the free information. I learn alot from your viedo. I just subscribed.

Chris says:

Do the taxes get taken out automatically?

tejeda187 says:

Really like your channel, you break the info down very well.

Ryan Draper says:

Do mobile brokers like trading 212 provide divendens?

Mark Nadeau says:

This video is pointless! Do you really think someone who has saved up $10,000,000 is taking advice from a talking head on YouTube?! Know your market!

Stanley Atkinson says:

“very safer” made me lol

Wood Ronald says:

Channel is so helpful. I turn off adblock just for it.

Marco Acosta says:

Can someone loan me 10 million dollars i got a hunch about wynn resorts

Timothy Price says:

Freddie Mercury

Claw Clawzon says:

Love dividend investing, new sub. here;)

WeMexicans615 says:

Very well explained. THANKS! I had to subscribe..

Carlos Hernandez says:

What do you think about “O” as a dividend investment?

halfhott says:

I’ve heard of someone with the company I’m with buy a Corvette with their quarterly dividend check

Investing Book Summaries says:

Living off of dividends would be the dream.

Jose Guzman says:

Duhhh did you said 10 millions? What did you smoke,? Must be good

Jester Mayhone says:

A little confused on dividends, I read the following. “The ex-dividend date for stocks is usually set one business day before the record date. If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.” Does this mean that if you purchase a stock on or after the ex-dividend date you will not be entitled to any dividend payments anymore, for said stock. Or does that only apply to the next payment and you would than get the Next dividend payments after the next upcoming payments?

Financial Education says:

Get in my private stock group if you are new to the stock market. You can learn straight from me in here

BB Hoody says:

Wait a minute…..1 mill invested in dividends with a 4% pay out rate results in 40k per year return. Meaning it would take 25 years before you get that money back and actually start turning a profit. The fuck??? Sounds like Dividends would only be good for people in their early to mid 20’s who got rich early through a talent, business idea that exploded or some shit. So when they are in their later years they are now set for life.

Someone like me who is trying to build up wealth for themselves right now? I’d be much better of doing short term investments, then going into longer term ones like 2-5 years.

Ruben Hernandez says:

When investing in a company that past the ex-dividend and the record dates can you still invest in shares and get paid the current dividend price or I had to buy before ex-dividend date to get it?

shoji O says:

Is dividend system according by some kind of stock law and every company have to follow the rule?? Or each company has right to decide if pay or not or right to decide how much pay,etc??

Luann Siemon says:

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Ha Nguyen says:

Thank you so much for your video. I’m 28 and thinking of investing on dividend stocks now so I can retire early. And I also thank you for other comments saying that you don’t need 1 million dollars to start with. Because I surely don’t have that money lol

My Dividend Journey says:

I’m up to about $70k in my dividend portfolio – I’d like if you could take a look at my March 2017 portfolio video and give me any insight.

Otherwise I’d love to talk about future stocks you are thinking about!

Willpower says:

If dividends usually pay 2% yearly and inflation is increasing 2% yearly plus you get taxed on dividends, it just doesn’t add up. Can someone help?

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