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There is more than one way to approach the stock market, and many different schools of thought exist on how to best make money buying and selling securities. One such method that often gets a lot of attention is day trading.

On one hand, day trading is lauded as the best way to get rich quick. On the other hand, there are countless warnings about the dire risks of day trading. In this video I’ll compare the benefit and risks of day trading to long term investing Rule #1 style.

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DD says:

I personally agree with 90% of what you said, BUT day trading is better IF you really know what are you doing. It’s not easy but it’s the best way, imagine doing 3% of profit per day. Let’s suppose Every day you trade and make an another 3%. If you start with 1000 $ in a year you are gonna get 1.03^(365)*1000=48millions $. You tell me which one is better. The biggest issue is having a strong character and knowing when is it enough. I personally close even, sometimes i win a lot, others I lose. It’s not easy at all, but I never go full retard, i put some cash in and not gonna keep throwing more in. Still it’s a risky way.

Skyrim43 says:

Swing trade is the way to go.

Danny Raul Molina says:

how about swing trading?

tubewoodycool says:

Day trading is basically gambling

Jonah DeleseLeuc says:

A good way to day trade is to invest in something long term, when the price of your stock rises and you think it’s unsustainable sell like 25% of it and wait until it drops. Buy back when the price is low to cover your losses

Otherwise, day trading is really risky unless your highly trained

muhammad hamayun says:

I made a profit of 61$ and after few day i lost my own money. I was beginner and begain with day trading with out any experience.

Psijic Void says:

What if we can mix them both? Sell on high price at the day (usually it slowly decreases after 2-3% day high) and buy again at the lower price. But if price is going down, we use long-term?

Gagnidze Archili says:

Anyone? Which stock to invest for long term ? If anyone has experience

jim stark says:

Day Trading is fun.

Jacob Bending says:

Crap video, guy doesn’t know anything about day trading.

Jake Jones says:

A lot of angry day traders in the comment section lol

Rocco Edwards says:

Taking out a business loan or a student loan is leverage.

KingsRight says:

leverage is where you go to die? 
but i was always taught leverage is a good thing
If you mean investing with someone else’s money, then i agree.  i’d never borrow to invest in stocks, no matter how down the price is.  even if the odds look incredible in my favor

Rahul Shinde says:

Someone please explain me this.. if you invest your money at 22 in so called long tern value investment assets and sit there for 10 years to grow that in millions.. how are you going to feed yourself? Enjoy in young age? And what will you do with billions when all life one thing you did is wait? Basically what i am asking is how and when investors cut profit and spend it along the way? Like swing traders who don’t make fortune but live basically very good lifestyle.. i am so confused.

Reed Anuar says:

I’ve tried day trading, before I even know trading enough…. I guess you know what happened next.

AKM Badrudduza says:

Dear sir

long term means how many year?

Cats Meow says:

Everybody I know who try day trading and penny stock finish by lost money.

Justin K says:

Top 1% who succeeds in day trading don’t have any special skill sets. They simply have luck. If you toss a coin, the chance you have heads 10 times in a row is very slim. It’s 1 out of 1024. However, if 1 million people toss the coin, there will be almost 1000 people who would have heads 10 times in a row. There are enormous amount of population trade stocks. So there will be people with extraordinary return. They are simply outliers in normal distribution in statistics. These people always exist but there is no guarantee that they will continue outperform in the future.


im professional gambler if thats what you think .Professional gambler wins only few time a years and that profit could last for the year or 2 sometimes even lifetime if you are good at it.

romilio miller martin says:

If you CUT YOUR LOSSES SHORT IN DAY TRADING IT IS NOT AS RISKY that’s the thing g people dont understand and that’s why they’ll never be successful even if they swing trade

Hasan Pezuk says:

I tried forex day trading in 2012 and made 25% profit in 4 months. But i admit i was lucky also unhappy, antisocial, always in front of two computer. And i knew the broker company made profit almost as much as me whitout risking anything. Then i quit and became an air traffic controller. Now i am again in front of two computer but more social and happier.

Earth_ Child says:

Crap vid Some poeple fail at trading because they are to Greedy and to make a easy buck they do that because they don’t under standt the Consept So No i prefer Day trading there is also nothing rong with long term investments

Phillip Jackson says:

Saying you can’t find an edge In day trading proves you don’t know di** about day trading. Instead of inventing facts from then air just to sh** on day trading, just say you don’t prefer it.

Craig F says:

Use day trading to build capital to purchase more popular expensive stocks for long term. If you are good at day trading, you can make a lot of money to buy more shares in higher priced stocks. For example, AMZN is close to 2grand. With the profit in day trading, purchase more shares in a higher priced stock (for long term). You better get a mentor though. Trust me.

Vladislav Angelov says:

Day trading – Hard but sweat at the end.

Revichandran S says:

Can I know the day trader you said?

danstylus1 says:

It’s like roulette, if you stay at the table the money will go. If you keep going bigger and less cautious it will go. You need to find a niche and only do a 2-4 trades a day, accept the losing days, don’t try to earn $xxxxxxx a day, make every loss a very low % of your account and cut your wins short too even but have more wins or go back to the lab.

Seasoning Angels says:

I just bought your book. I wish I had met you earlier when I came to the US 8years ago. I lost 100K day trading in 2015., I kept it a secret from my wife until I decided to come clean on new years eve. She almost killed me for that. Wont do it again. I am now a long term guy.

Jobin Kurian says:

My view about short term trading is neutral…It demands lot of our time and we have to be more proactive…..I would suggest to put emotions completely aside when it is about investment…I have earned good profits but the losses are something which is greater when compared with profits that I made and it does drag me down….But evry loss is a lesson….we have to b a quick learner for that…Investment is all about doing the initial setup and getting prepared for the right pickup…i did get good returns but we have to be completely positive about the growth of the company

Robertson Thirdly says:

day trading’s only drawbacks are the bs PDT rule and commission/fees.

with Robinhood and 25k to put you outside of the pdt rule, you can literally lose pennies a day on any and every trade. there are no fees, and unlimited trades.. the moment you see a reversal you can dump your shares.

this is of course assuming you’re in a position with enough momentum and buy orders to get you out before you go red.

So far, every single dollar I’ve lost has been because I could not get out because of the fucking PDT rule. This is how the old rich white folk on wall street do their bit to keep us small fry from nibbling more of the pie than they’d like us to.

Slim Dave says:

Day trading is the best way to get rich quick, and the best way to lose all your shit. Hit the books before you try.

SEA Beagle says:

Everything in life is a gamble. Walking and tripping.

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