BEST STOCKS TO INVEST IN 2018 (March Update)

A continuation of my monthly series looking at my top 5 stock picks for 2018. Each month, I will keep you updated on the performance of these investments!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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Sean Nickerson says:

Gaming, Insurance & Healthcare, what will Amazon not touch? Adult Industry? Approx. 15 billion dollar industry.

LookCrazyRideFreight says:


Sonu Dilli says:


rodrigo villarreal says:


Ella Anderson says:

What about CPTO? If everyone buys shares it might spike up drastically! Should we try?

Yanai Mas says:

It’s hard to play long term in this market volatile condition… I would not expect a lot of on this kind of portfolio until earnings .

Robinhood Investor says:

You win some and lose some. As long as the outcome is income.

Adrian Cheng says:




Crypto Daws says:

Is that a real account with real money bc you said dummy account if you have an extra 50k just to help your viewers your balling I wonder how much is in your actual account

Jake Jones says:

How low will $GE go?? Keeps hitting 52 Week lows every damn week

HodorTarg says:

dude $GE is going to 0. All of the top board members and staff have liquidated their holdings and retirement funds 100%

Trevor Kapral says:

Got a 78% return on Monero a few weeks ago

Pedro Castelbranco says:

Please do never get tempted to stop doing this monthly video. The fact thay you do it sets you apart by miles from all the other millions of “masters of investment” that talk about making millions each day. Finally I can really learn something by hearing someone talking about an almost real investment. Keep it up.

Donovan Brandon says:

#stockradar I love your videos man, lots of valuble information. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Summer Vibes says:

Really hope things turn around…#StockRadar

girlovesyoutube says:


The Giants says:

best stock to buy right now is NETE!!

rageorge1369 says:

Ryan, if you GE over the last 20 or so years, it has gone nowhere. Basically it has remained flat.

Air Elegant says:

Thank you for such a great video!

Paul Rasper says:

Hej Ryan, great channel, like most of your videos. To me it seems as if it is a bit of wishfull pessimism thinking at the moment. Facts show we have a strong economy but emotions swing down. Also good oportunities for grabing some good stocks for a good price. #stockradar

RealLife Money says:

This volatility is crazy!! Market down in just the last hour! Might have to get in a little more at this point 😉

George Lopez says:


Narwhal says:

Are you active on telegram with the following handle: @ryanscribner Please answer me if possible – if not it seems like you’ve got an imposter that is trying to scam people with your name.

911RoyMan says:

Wow, I just found your page and I already see so much value. Thank you for the videos! #stockradar

ssdskully says:

I hope market goes down just so I can buy the stocks I want for $2K. I hope I’m not asking for much lol.

Brandon Rosales says:

Hey all. I’m 19 and I am very interested in investing in my first stock. I don’t want to know which stock to invest in, but I want to know how to do my own research for looking for good stocks. Any advice?

The Finance Guy- Stock market videos says:

Amat is interesting, not a bad pick, Amazn is dangerous in my opinion just because everyone is dog piling into it *a note from Benjamin graham* chk could make a turn around but it may be a long play, GE is also in the same boat as a long play and boeing is a great company with an ok p/e ratio, reminds me of amat. Interesting picks for certain, I look forward to how this will play out 3-5 years from now. I have a feeling it will be vastly different from today.

Oscar Villeda says:


heather says:

Can you explain and shares….in ordinary english.

Jacob Adair says:

#stock radar

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