BEST STOCKS TO INVEST IN 2018 (January Update)

Here are my stock picks for 2018! These are my best stocks to invest in for 2018. If you are a beginner looking to invest in the stock market, these stock picks for 2018 might interest you.

Applied Materials Article:
Amazon Article:
Oil Price Chart:
GE Article:


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Nate O'Brien says:

Picking up a copy of your free investing course right now!!!!! Thanks Ryan!

McGill says:

Can you talk about perfered stock?

Brandon P West says:

taking my money out of crypto and putting into the stocks. Have about 10K the use

Robert S says:

GE???? That’s like buying GO BROKE, I mean GO PRO. Horrible! You’d be better off buying BIP IMO.

ehlers320 says:

please use an ad blocker when browsing in your videos.

Robert Caldwell says:

GE screwed me in 2017, but I saved some money when I bought a put halfway through the decline. I have a few positions in GE just in case for practically free, but the major ones are:

2020Jan 30 Call
2018Jun 16 Put

They have 2 years to recover for me to make money, the Put is set for 0.70 spread with the 15 strike, but I’ll only lose a maximum of 0.15 on the trade cost difference (bought the 16 Put for 0.75, the 15 Put sold for 0.60 the other day), if the price decides to jump on me (which will hit several of my Calls). Personally, I’m hesitant about GE considering their ideas to split the company…..if they do that, it will possibly be game over.

F (ford) just fell over last week, 11% drop from their high on Tuesday. I picked up some, dividends on the 29th.

ALB (albemarle) also fell this month, 16.3% drop from their high Monday 2 weeks ago. It’s reported that their rival secured a contract with Chile, but their rival’s stock fell as well, so it’s difficult to tell at the moment….especially when the contract is equal in output ratio with ablemarle. I set to buy a couple shares just in case.

BGFV (big 5 sporting) seems to be going through accumulation at the moment. It shed 70% of it’s value over all of 2017, yet the company is earning yoy of approximately 7% net gains even with dividends. I have had them for awhile now, rolling a covered call position to gain extra cash, while having a few extra shares for upside potential. The 240 MA (1 year) is at full tilt, so I’m crossing my fingers on a crossover this year.

A few others I’m looking out for: BEP, KIM, GEO, CONE, and STAG.

andy lopez says:


Nephi Hill says:

Ge for the long term

bbreakerCE says:

great vid as always.

2 suggestions:
1) if you will at some point see that GE stock has found the bottom and that could be a time to invest into it again – make a separate video on it. I’m sure some people, like myself, do like an idea of buying GE, but the trajectory is so downward that everyone is waiting for a sign.
2) you use notepad a lot and it just doesn’t look good on videos. Just find another better looking application, i’m sure there’s a lot of options out there. I know it’s a very small detail and maybe not that important, but Steve Jobs would not approve the approach for sure.

Investing Potentials says:

Interesting good picks always like watching the channel

Ryan Scribner says:


Dukeoden7458 says:

I bought GE last week and it has dropped ever since.But it’s also a long term investment some I’m holding strong.

Rxlyz Cxlyz says:

Damn 50k a lot of cheddar to throw down. FYI chk was has more of a correlation with not gas not oil

George McGovern says:

GE…sold my holdings took a big loss. So, we my luck it will pop this year.

QualityChildcare1 says:

Thank you RYAN!! I am learning so much from you.

William j says:

What’s ur price targets on these stocks?

Mary Lim says:

I have heard that companies will minimize pension funding to meet (ie, manage) earnings. How do you know that Immelt didn’t do this to fund dividends that GE couldn’t afford?

Honest Finance says:

Anybody know of any apps that let you pretend invest?

Zubin says:

Thanks Ryan for the update

not2L8T 4U says:

Thank you for this. I’m keeping my GE stock (nervously of course). I wish I could afford amazon.

Christoph Kaesmayr says:

What do you think about Gazprom? P/E of 2 and a nice dividend. Risky because of Putin…

GiggleTicket says:

Great vid as always – appreciate your time on these! Cheers

brandonbeavisinvesting says:

Love the idea of doing updates. My hopes are still high for GE long-term.

Adam Pfeiffer says:

Video suggestion I’d like to see: What to do if the stock market crashes

Young and Intelligent Money Investing says:

Its been tough sledding for GE lately, but I’m hoping it will turn it around over the coming months!

Happy Teej says:

Thanx Ryan!!! what do you think of TREE (lending tree) …i got slaughtered on ULTA, which you liked (it still has a great balance sheet) BUT Amazon said it was looking at buying a BeverlyHills cosmetic firm so i don’t blame you

Jean Lit says:

Thanks for this :))hoping to see more of these in the future :))

Southbasedkid says:

Is that your entire portfolio or only 5 of your stocks?

Lamont Ross says:

Thx friend

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