5 STOCKS to DOMINATE in 2018

Today we discuss 5 stocks in the stock market that should have a phenomenal 2018. Enjoy!
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MrUga2010 says:


Dean Clark says:

If you have a gift for predicting good micro cap picks then read this eBook. Opened my eyes to what u can do in the market. 4 bucks. http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2556998

jack winston says:

Well, nobody has a crystal ball, so I suggest that new and experienced investors type in “The Dividends Pay My Bills Method” into their search engines. That method taught me how to pay off my credit cards, auto loans and mortgage quickly. It also taught me how to use income producing investments to pay all my monthly utility bills. In my case, I was 100% debt-free in about 6 years and various income producing investments have been paying my phone, internet, gas, electric, cable TV and water bills for about 5 years now. So, forget your 401k because there is a better way… The Dividends Pay My Bills Method.

Ever Clara says:

APPL is going up massively? APPL is up at $1,400+ per stock right now.. Yes it fluctuates a few bucks but APPL is at the point it’s doing dividends to keep its ballers at the table.

I would see APPL stock going up now that they’re in the luxury game but not as far as doubling stock worth.. I guarantee it will grow, no doubt about it unless they have exploding cell phones like Samsung, they’ll be fine in 2018. I would expect APPL’s profit margins to be be expected in dividend.

I’m very surprised it was listed as #1 though, it is also the most known stock out in society. Even 6 year olds know about Apple now a day, it’s crazy!

sam peaslee says:

WYNN haha

Pan Huragan says:

Facebook and youtube is being hit by George Soros. He wants them to split.

Mohammad A says:

Apple stock with fall so bad in 2018 because of low demand of the chinese market and also the cost to built the iphone x is too high (due to samsung screens)

w00borg says:

id like to plug micron for 2018

Dylan Campbell says:

I like ur vids…that being said i feel like iphone x was a complete flop. Worst ever and probably only iphone that might be discontinued. Its like the big iphone6…and wheres the new technology to justify its astronomical price….so rediculous.

ed Boy says:


OwenDLC says:

Buy Broadridge Financial Solutions. Trust me guys.

Jose Bucio says:

2. Kmart
3. Limewire
4. churches chicken
5. blockbuster video
6. sports authority
or any any company that offers dial up internet.

thank me later.

tiagofrancisco says:

Why no one talk about tesla?

Lion King says:

Bought square and Amazon on 12/2017

Jay Rachakonda says:

Wynn may go down after sexual allegations. Apple will definitely go up. MSFT not included will go up it is a great company to invest in. Facebook will definitely go up with more platform users. Google will probably go up. But United Natural Foods is a risk. Check out my friend’s channel he may start stock videos soon. His channel name is The Exposer and a lion with a colorful back ground is his profile picture. He may be changing his channel name soon.

Lightsydephil says:

Uh…what about NVDA

Aeon Fox says:

Interested in bitcoin? don’t know where to start? click on this link and sign up with coinbase. make an account and buy $100 worth of bitcoin and get $10 of bitcoin FREE!! https://www.coinbase.com/join/5582022535363700ad000012 dont wait too long, bitcoin is down atm, we could moon soon.

Andrew Young says:

Here’s my top 5 picks for 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZUtyMJ81LE. They’re up on average ~13% YTD

Kevin Regis says:

Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite link: https://acorns.com/invite/PKM4GQ

Apple Crider says:

Apple and Wynn are where it’s at! WYNN earnings coming in strong!
– Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
Subscriber Goal 149/250

miggio0 says:

this made me laugh

dduffee64 says:

my number 1. Blockbuster video!

ed Boy says:


Fatos Bíblicos says:

Good content i would love to see a video that shows the best day trading apps in which we can have all access to the instruments you mentioned.

Michael Werner says:

Uhh I don’t know about the IPhone X being popular lol.

Sonny Song says:

I think LMT has great potential​

rayhanw says:

too bad you didn’t factor in how much of a horndog Wynn is

Casey Cook says:

I’m new to this and just trying to learn. I downloaded the Robinhood app, like you suggested, and was trying to find the Patriot One Technologies and Tranentrix but couldn’t find it on there to buy?

Lil Broomstick says:

You guys wanna know a secret? Invest in EA’s stock either when a disappointing game drops or whenever it’s in the summer. Then sell it when a battlefield game comes out.

Alexander Palomino says:

Ok this shit is common sence if you dont know this you shouldn’t be in stocks cause your gonna be a one broke mother fucker

L Esco says:

There’s A Free Stock Waiting For You at Robinhood!
Sign up now to find out what free stock you’ll get.
It could be a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint.

Pugile MuotoBene says:

May be hot today for a short position but the value of the entire market is still more than 30% overvalued. The catch? The value of the dollar is also overvalued by almost 10%. I know, I work for GS. Expect a gradual downturn this spring through the rest of the year.

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