4 Keys to start investing | Tony Robbins Interview (Quick)

This is the summary of an excerpt from Marie Forleo’s interview with Tony Robbins

Check out the full 38 minute interview on Marie’s channel here:

In this 3 minute video, we look at 4 important points about investing Tony Robbins talks about:

[1] START right away
-Get started ASAP. The sooner you start, the more you will have. Even a small consistent investment can turn into a huge sum of money

[2] AUTOMATE your investing
-Learn how to set up systems to where the moment you earn money, a percentage of it goes to your investments before you even get a chance to spend it

[3] BE CAREFUL with Mutual Funds
-Mutual funds claim to be able to take your money and beat the market, giving you huge profits. However, only 4% of Mutual Funds do so. Anyone claiming to be able to beat the market is probably full of crap

-Just like your investments will compound, making your investments huge over time, so will fees. Having a 1% fee versus a a 3% fee can mean 77% less money over the long term


theo rose says:

Make up to $500 a day. No catch. Using bitcoin.

Miliony Wiernych says:

The only thing she says through the whole interview: “Huge”
(Starring at Tony)

nizakat iqbal says:

I like listening to this guy’s bullshit. Therapeutic

oChubbsss says:

This feels like the start of a Brazzers video

padistedor says:

Did he tell us to buy a Vanguard index 500 fund?

Commando303X says:

I feel as if this entire interview simply plagiarizes Jack Bogle.

nizakat iqbal says:

That poor girl is so confused.

Steve Ramirez says:

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acorn sucks says:

He should specify if he is talking about loaded mutual funds.

chuckwalla says:

He must have read some Jack Bogle books and decided to go into financial advice business after his motivational gig had run its course.

Sylwester Więzowski says:

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