3 Tips To Know BEFORE Investing In Stocks | For Beginners

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William Williams says:

How did you come to the conclusion that the resistance was at the $8.00 mark? I had a hard time seeing that. I had it at $9.00.

Hilary Gomez says:

Great video Ricky

Ryan Oberle says:


omijie Abumere says:


Marcus Hermosillo says:

I’m super appreciative of all the content and guidance you provide when it comes to trading. Thank you thank you thank you.

Freedom Show says:

Hey Ricky did you add to your position on DRIP? GUSH and /CL looks like it’s about to pullback

esha b says:

Would you be having another discount code soon?

Shelles MC says:

Your videos helped me a lot! Im also subscribed to your fb techbud group. Although I don’t particpate in chat but i read threads and learn from the comments. Teasandlemon. Thanks!

William Heard says:

Watch at x0.75 speed and you can actually follow what he’s saying

Pamungkas Business Freedom says:

I like swing trading. And waiting for the pattern bounce back in support and resistence area has strong accuracy

poppi lovice says:

Ricky how did you find your resistance? Because I thought the two or three high peaks were the resistance

A Purchaser says:

Whenever you say “Boom, Boom, Boom” I always wonder if you’re the son of TheBigJackpot slot channel? anyways thanks for info

Anthony Taylor says:

How come you never short?

chyngyz kanatbek says:

Hey Ricky could you buy microphone ?;) we are listening to you but it’d be better if you fix voice

henock mwanasomwe says:

First comment

Honey Martin says:


Tillo says:

Boom Boom Boom

Von Faulks says:

I ride the wave. I stay for the long haul. Sweet.

Bud Pierce says:


Von Faulks says:

I like it. I love it. I more of it.

Focus RSN says:

Glitch Mob is low key fire

DreadMike73 says:

My geometry game is off, I can do angles but rest of it, it throws me off, if my geometry game was good I would day trade.

Charles Thomas says:

Great thanks everything you shared it helps

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